Great Kids Movie

By nasusmit88
Written August 31, 2015
We took our 3 year old grandson to see this movie. It was his very first movie in a theater experience. It was a good story and kept him in his seat the entire time. Much like the movie cars with a variation on the same story line.
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It's nearly a sequel but different enough.

By shondasbiz1
Written January 25, 2015
Cars - Original, spectacular animated graphics, loved it. Cars two - full of funny clips but the movie didn't flow well for me. Planes - A good movie of an underdog (cars 1), but different enough that I wouldn't call it Cars rebadged. Disney Pixar are amazing on the animated graphics and nailed this one too! A good movie for the big screen. Enjoy!
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Awesome Flying Adventure for the Whole Family

By edstrassberger
Written January 28, 2015
Planes in 3D and surround sound is a great adventure. It has authentic aviation technical details behind the cute anthropomorphic airplane characters. Even the radio communications are authentic, which is more than can be said for many serious flying movies. It did lack a Piper Turbo Arrow, but maybe the sequel will fix that. There are no new plots so Planes borrows from Starlight Express or the Little Engine That Could, and Zero Hour or Airplane! (depending on your level of inside knowledge), etc. The voices are well cast. One plot twist was all wet but they got past it OK. The 3D animation is excellent. The sounds of engines starting, such as the Corsair's, are authentic. I recommend this movie for the whole family.
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Flying high...and, ehh. Sorry.

By Squirrel Dude
Written March 02, 2015
Let me just start out by saying, I thought "Planes" was through Pixar. But, even if it was, I thought their last film, "Monsters University" was just okay. That's essentially how I felt when watching this one as well. Sorry, but I feel that Disney films are starting to slip in great quality! The story in "Planes" is somewhat similar to "Turbo," which I believe was a much better film. Of course, the animation is fantastic, as is the flying sequences; but, I thought the storyline was ehh. Again, I must state, because Disney is going to produce "Star Wars: Episode VII." I concerned.
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By keastman
Written October 05, 2015
My 4 year old grandson enjoyed the movie, don't know if the story line was that important to him, but I enjoyed the story. Would recommend this movie to all who are tired of the more violent movies out their.
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