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By jaloz214
Written August 29, 2014
it was a cute movie, my kids were clapping their hands at the end of movie!!
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Great kids movie!

By colts_rock
Written September 04, 2013
I wasn't sure how good it could be, as I'd heard is was just a spin off of Cars, which was a great movie. I really enjoyed it though! I'd recommend it for any adults that are young at heart! ;)
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Planes: Terrific Movie for Adults and Kids Alike

By btantillo
Written September 03, 2013
Disney's Planes is what a kid's movie should be: inspirational, motivational, and fun for the entire family. The lead character, Dusty, is exactly the type of person we should all want our children to emulate: honest, caring, and strong during tough challenges. The special effects are incredible and despite it being a cartoon, the imagery is so good that at times you feel like you are really flying. Few too movies nowadays leave children with the right message, but Planes does it. On this Labor Day, Planes left my children with a respect for our country, its military, and the values that made it great. Thank you Disney.
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Predictable and boring

By tonytrueba361
Written August 17, 2013
My kid asked for my iPad halfway in the movie and other kids around us were bored and playing as well... He wanted to turn up the volume and I was tempted to walk out of the theater, thank God for headphones.
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Planes !

By tdoriot
Written August 17, 2013
They have outdone themselves ! Planes is on track to be bigger than cars ! Disney better have another billion dollars for a Planes theme park addition ! Great movie. The Grandkids loved it too !
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