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Great but maybe not quite cars.

By sambrowne
Written July 24, 2014
I took my 3 year old daughter to see Planes, she couldn't quite understand why Lightning McQueen wasn't about. It kept her entertained but the storyline was a little lacking, but what do I expect after all it was a Disney film. Good characters but the usual bad guy, grumpy old sage who has a traumatic back story, comedy sidekick, beautiful girl, and enough highs and lows to make you air sick!!! All in all not too bad, lots of adult side jokes to keep the grown ups entertained, lots of action and great graphics to keep the kids happy......although I am still not 100% sure about the giant American Airlines product placement mid film!
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Brings out the kid...

By tlbourbon
Written August 13, 2013
Planes brought out the kid in my husband. He was just as excited if not more excited to see the movie than my 7 year old. All kids love planes and dream of being able to fly. A really cute movie with even some adjust comedy snuck in. A really good family movie!
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Great Movie!

By Barbarah87
Written May 31, 2014
This movie is a wonderful family movie, nothing short of what you would expect from Disney! I loved the scenery even though it was a cartoon. The characters are heartwarming, and the story is chocked full of action and adventure!
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By mendelk6195
Written September 09, 2013
My nine year old grandson loved it! He was talking to the characters like they were real actors. If you have young children, it's a fun time watching them enjoy themselves.
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Great kids movie!

By colts_rock
Written September 04, 2013
I wasn't sure how good it could be, as I'd heard is was just a spin off of Cars, which was a great movie. I really enjoyed it though! I'd recommend it for any adults that are young at heart! ;)
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