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If your kids liked Cars...

By tpatricco
Written May 24, 2016
If your kids loved Cars, they'll probably love Planes too. Much of the movie's story line and concepts are direct adaptations of the Cars story line - even characters seem to have direct parallels...but the story's message is a good one in usual Disney style and the music and action are fun on the big screen. This was my almost 3 year old's first movie theatre experience and he loved it.
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Great First Movie Experience for my Toddler

By emceemillions
Written March 05, 2015
I was slow getting into it, but, once I did, it had me hooked. I even cried! I was surprised to hear that Dane Cook was Dusty's voice - I was turned off at first, but he did a great job. My favorite part of the flick is how they planes end up in different parts of the world with awesome scenery and ethic music. We took our toddler for her first movie-going experience and she LOVED it, of course.
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By jaloz214
Written February 07, 2016
it was a cute movie, my kids were clapping their hands at the end of movie!!
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By ialbrecht2010
Written March 03, 2015
Planes was a great movie my 2 year old really loved . II enjoyed the plot and it was really funny. It is truly a family fun movie with a motivational story line that would make any mother proud to have her children see it!
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By bcellabrx4ms
Written September 20, 2014
I am usually very engaged with the characters and plot lines of Pixar/now-Disney films. I must say I was very disappointed with Planes. So very formulaic and completely predictable after Cars. The "bolted on" romance plot line was really almost pathetic. It seems as though Pixar was doing it on purpose! That being said, the visuals had their usual degree of spectacular-ness.
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