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By alcubes2000
Written January 22, 2017
Overall, I thought "PLANES" was an ok movie. It had some minor sense of humor for children as well as adult. The cinematography was pretty cool, give it a B+, as well as the directing. The writing and plot was like any other normal Disney movie, however it sends a good message to children. Overall i give it a B- , Sorry I;m a though critic!!!!
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By sydcocktail
Written May 31, 2016
I usually like children's movies even for a 33 year old, especially Disney movies. I was rather disappointed and kept checking my watch. Although, my stepson loved it and had a great time.
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Doesn't Live up to the Hype.

By sourtarts4u
Written June 25, 2016
Although it was a cute movie, it wasn't able to establish a real deep story line and special bonds with the characters like you could see and feel in the movie "Cars". The animation was good quality and it was cool to hear some familiar voices playing the characters, but it really was a short film that felt like it could have been a straight to DVD film. It wasn't a horrible movie but I did sit in my seat towards the end thinking the following thoughts, "Was that it? That's a love story? and Who's baby is this? (The children were getting so bored. At one point a 1 year old-ish child all the way from the front row wandered to my boyfriend and I all the way in the back. Bad parenting to begin with but you could just tell the kids were no longer interested past the first 30 minutes.) Just wait to rent it.
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Fun Family Entertainment

By valcoton
Written September 28, 2016
Our family saw it last night. Our five year old loved it and my husband and I enjoyed ourselves, too. The characters were great and the actors and actresses doing the voices were funny to recognize. Not going to go down in history as the greatest movie of all time or anything, but worth seeing!!
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By pinetreepass
Written August 09, 2013
I loved the movie Cars, was not very crazy about Cars 2 and Planes wasn't anything special like the original Cars movie was. I would probably wait for it to come out in video for your kids to watch.
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