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Very fun! As a pilot I really enjoyed the effort at accuracy!

By tadoyle
Written August 29, 2016
There is a lot of humor for both kids and adults. My airplane mags have all raved about the efforts made to be "true" to aviation details and it really adds to the movie. They have done a great job here. ( yes it is still a kid's movie and fun fiction, but they have modeled the characters on real aircraft and paid attention to some details that bring the planes to life in a vivid way) It is a good story and there are several excellent lessons about life that refresher that most of us can use/need.
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Kids loved it!

By Avatr1x
Written April 25, 2017
I took my 11 & 4.5 year old granddaughters who both loved it! my husband and I also enjoyed it, showing it has appeal across the ages. Good story with a good message.
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By CJs Mom
Written October 01, 2016
Was way too similar to Cars and not as good...Guessing this is Disney's attempt at taking over from Pixar. Need a better story line and not so many similarities! Why were there cars as fans in Planes but no planes as fans for Cars... Also the guy's voice that played Dusty Crophopper sounds way too much like Remy from Ratatouille! Get your own movie ideas Disney....
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By alcubes2000
Written January 22, 2017
Overall, I thought "PLANES" was an ok movie. It had some minor sense of humor for children as well as adult. The cinematography was pretty cool, give it a B+, as well as the directing. The writing and plot was like any other normal Disney movie, however it sends a good message to children. Overall i give it a B- , Sorry I;m a though critic!!!!
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A Fun, Soaring Adventure

By MondaysHeadlines
Written May 27, 2017
My son loves "Cars", so "Planes" seemed like a natural extension for enjoyment. We've seen it twice, and both times he's been enthralled. The story isn't too deep, but it's focused and fun. I never lost interest, and enjoyed myself both times we saw it. Kids are sure to have a blast!
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