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We were pleasantly surprised!

By deblambert22
Written August 11, 2013
Our 5&7 year olds were counting down the days to see this. Admittedly ,my husband and I had low-expectations since we thought it would not live up to either Cars movie. But it was fun. Beginning was a little slow and started to be too much of "the same" stuff but then it 'took off.' (Sorry.) And our boys even yelled at the screen a few times.
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A Fun, Soaring Adventure

By MondaysHeadlines
Written November 06, 2013
My son loves "Cars", so "Planes" seemed like a natural extension for enjoyment. We've seen it twice, and both times he's been enthralled. The story isn't too deep, but it's focused and fun. I never lost interest, and enjoyed myself both times we saw it. Kids are sure to have a blast!
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By isaulperez215
Written December 05, 2013
It was a good movie but I think cars 1 and 2 are better but great job disney
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By sydcocktail
Written December 22, 2014
I usually like children's movies even for a 33 year old, especially Disney movies. I was rather disappointed and kept checking my watch. Although, my stepson loved it and had a great time.
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Soaring Quality

By rmeredeith361
Written August 18, 2013
Took my 4y/o grandson who LOVES Cars, Cars2, Tow Mater, etc... He had been anxiously awaiting Planes for months. He LOVED it. He can name several of the planes. Good Plot... Good Excitement... And, Not as many shady phrases/words as in Cars. Outstanding Disney!
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