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Predictable and boring

By tonytrueba361
Written August 17, 2013
My kid asked for my iPad halfway in the movie and other kids around us were bored and playing as well... He wanted to turn up the volume and I was tempted to walk out of the theater, thank God for headphones.
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Good family movie

By Kaiser94
Written September 15, 2013
Four year old really enjoyed it. Good message that helping others pays off. Both wife & I enjoyed it also. Only one mildly scary moment with a crash in the ocean that is over quickly.
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By john706
Written August 11, 2013
Good movie for young and old together. not as nuanced as Cars II, for adults, but plenty of cute dialog and great animation. Some sequences might frighten very young children the first time they see it... but they'll all want to see it again, no doubt.
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Very similar to Cars... almost too similar

By loramote
Written August 18, 2013
I enjoyed the movie and my 3 kids did as well, however, their dad and I thought it was too similar to and not as good as Cars. It had funny parts but the humor was not as upstanding as other films in its class. The movement of the Planes movie was just incredible. I was thinking during the movie that if we were watching it in 3D, I would think I'd feel sick! It was so realistic even as a 2D film! It always amazes me how the production crew gets the facial expressions right on and just the overall mechanics of the characters (vs human movements) seems to be spot on! All of that is impressive in itself! Storyline was so-so, but I would take my children again and will probably own it once it comes out on DVD. It wasn't terrible and definitely not below average!
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Doesn't Live up to the Hype.

By sourtarts4u
Written August 18, 2013
Although it was a cute movie, it wasn't able to establish a real deep story line and special bonds with the characters like you could see and feel in the movie "Cars". The animation was good quality and it was cool to hear some familiar voices playing the characters, but it really was a short film that felt like it could have been a straight to DVD film. It wasn't a horrible movie but I did sit in my seat towards the end thinking the following thoughts, "Was that it? That's a love story? and Who's baby is this? (The children were getting so bored. At one point a 1 year old-ish child all the way from the front row wandered to my boyfriend and I all the way in the back. Bad parenting to begin with but you could just tell the kids were no longer interested past the first 30 minutes.) Just wait to rent it.
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