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Thoroughly enjoyable for kids and adults!

By WorkdayGrl
Written March 25, 2015
Grandma, mom and four year old all thoroughly enjoyed the story, found good points of humor, and would recommend this! We like Planes as well, and I think this one was even better. There are a few "scary" parts where danger comes into play, and of course a few unkind characters, but overall it was appropriate for young kids as well as old. Lots of humor references that would be more aimed at the older members of the audience, too. Good fun! We'll likely see it again, and I'm sure will add it to our collection when available on DVD and downloads.
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Planes Fire & Rescue

By craz95
Written March 25, 2015
My three year old grandson loved the movie, he loves the first movie and enjoyed the Fire & Rescue . I purchased tickets and they said digital but we got to the show and the lady said the 4pm show was 3D, we did have to convince my grandson to keep the glasses on which took awhile. But all in all we enjoyed it.
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Planes: Fire & Rescue

By nancydavis614
Written March 25, 2015
Loved it! My Dad flew the tankers for 30+ years and was based at Hemet Ryan where a lot of the research was done for the movie. Disney really did the research on this one, the characters were perfect and the sounds of the engines on the different aircraft were spot-on. I am so hopeful this movie generates a whole new interest in the industry, these firefighters are truly heroes!
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By lmorales90
Written March 25, 2015
As the wife of a firefighter, this movie was spot on. It put me through every emotion and it's a kids movie...
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Worst movie ever

By obamasohana
Written March 25, 2015
Today I watched the movie and they said it had action but NO- it was a very babyish movie and my kids fell asleep.
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