Better than a 3D View Master of Yellowstone.

By davidlenallen
Written July 26, 2014
I took my 4 year old grandson to the Thursday night premiere in 3D. He slept during the last 15 minutes. At one point we put the 3D glasses on upside down which brought the background forward infront of the main action in sort of a scrim effect. Jokes and clever dialogue wasted on the young, but I enjoyed it. Story gets intense in spots. Wow. Forest fires sure have come a long way since Bambi. It had trains, all sorts of cars and trucks, helicopters and a big variety of planes. Just what every kid has in his toy box. Visually very summer travelgue in nature in a Yellowstone type setting. 3D with spacial stereo sound in a nice theater made it better than a stereoptical View Master. We were the only two in the theater---which doesn't bode well for the expectations of this movie. My wife and other grandchild saw it in 2D and liked it very much.
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By ruth722
Written July 26, 2014
Enjoyed every minute of it -- totally awesome in Real D 3D
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good 3d effects

By gigo0201
Written August 11, 2014
movie: 4 stars **** 3d: 4 stars ****
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By Ecto 1
Written August 01, 2014
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Planes - Fire & Rescue

By rkgreener
Written July 19, 2014
A fun movie to see - watch it in 3D to get the full special effects - water and fire retardant drops, falling embers, etc! Having a firefighter background, it was exciting to see how the directors, cinematographers, etc., pulled the story together with the actions of firefighting. The scenes and lingo were true to form, and the aircraft used (i.e., Helicopter 301) are the actual aircraft used in today's firefighting world. Kids may not be as quick to get the jokes and comments made as adults would. Recommended for any age, and especially firefighters. Kudos to CalFIRE for their contributions to this film!
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