By janessaaquino
Written October 13, 2012
It's been a long time since a musical didn't have a lame storyline. I loved every minute of this movie. I was never bored and fell instantly in love with the characters. It helps to have a theater crowd that openly cheers and claps, which I thought made the movie more exciting. This movie has been sold out for two weeks now. Definitely worth your time and money! It's for everyone so go see it!
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Pitch Perfect

By MrsDezi
Written April 22, 2013
I like this movie, because I enjoyed the song selection and Fat Amy was pretty fun. Now in regards to being an average viewer, I want to say the cast selection was great, but I expected more. The song selection stayed within the one genre and for a movie like this, I expected more of combination of genres. If a part 2 is going to come out, add some more drama, or even dance stunts…
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Laughter is great medicine

By clepe
Written October 07, 2012
Pitch Perfect was the perfect end to a tough day. I laughed lots and loved the singing. The story line was goofy, but the siging more than made up for it.
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Must See Movie

By cnapier
Written October 02, 2012
This movie is totally a Must-See!! There were so many hilarious scenes! It was even nice running in to Rebel Wilson in the bathroom after the movie ended! BTW, she made the movie! Her character was awesome!!
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Funniest Movie I've Seen in A LONG Time!

By twystedsilver
Written October 07, 2012
I love a good laugh and that is exactly what I hoped to achieve with this movie-going experience. I've come to really appreciate Rebel Wilson and her scenes in the previews had me hooked. Unlike most movies in today's day and age, the best parts were NOT in the previews... at all. The previews actually did what they were intended for - they set the movie up so that you knew what to expect. This movie was hilarious! I haven't seen anything this funny since Bridesmaids. This is a must-see for anyone who just enjoys the lighter side of life - this was a side-splitter at every moment! Oh and don't worry about laughing out loud at the theater - I couldn't 'help myself, but to my relief, everyone else in the theater was in stitches, too! My advise - buy your tickets and invite some friends. Now! :)
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