pitch perfect worth seeing more than once

By mrspncr
Written October 22, 2014
this movie was a great one i saw it once with my nieces ages 16-20 and then again for girls night out ages 40-43 i found it just as funny the second time around....i thnk if you wanna let all your worries go this feel good movie should be on top of your list to see.
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Sometimes I like a little cheese.

By Reel Reviewer
Written October 05, 2012
In two words: total cheesefest. However, I mean that in a very complimentary way. I literally laughed out loud multiple times throughout this pitchin' aca-movie. The acting is about what you expect for an acapella version of "Stick It" or "John Tucker Must Die" but that's not bad, it's not going to win you any awards. The plot was a bit wanting and could've actually been a legitimate film with a bit more tweaking, but you still won't leave the theater asking for your money back. It is an absolute delight with jokes galore and music to the max. Anna Kendrick continues earning notches in her belt with me, I still love Brittany Snow (especially since she has been in high school now for about ten years) and the Dane Cook look-alike boyfriend of Beca did a good job also. However, this movie belongs to the supporting cast and namely Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, Adam DeVine as Bumper and Hana Mae Lee as Lilly. Then there's Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins. See it. Enjoy it. Repeat.
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By Minni318
Written August 27, 2014
I already saw this movie twice! it was really funny and I just LOVED Fat Amy!! it was better then I expected it to be and throughout the whole film it had the entire audience laughing.
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Very Funny!

By galactico123
Written September 19, 2014
I could not stop laughing at this movies one liners. The acting was shaky at some parts, but the movie was so funny I almost had to step out.
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Potential Comedy turned Chick Flick

By bhs2j
Written July 25, 2014
As with most movies nowadays, the previews showed every single funny line. The music was good. The lines were delivered well, but again, I heard them all in the previews. I appreciated that the main characters were homely and not the amazingly hot non-ordinary actors.
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