Pitch Perfect Synopsis
A new college student (Anna Kendrick) shakes things up when she joins a female a cappella group.
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New York Post

By Kyle Smith
Bouncy vocal rearrangements of pop songs, sparkling choreography and a hilarious script make for a movie that's made to be obsessed over,...
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One of the finest sequences is a "riff-off" between the boys and the girls, a West Side Story-style showdown that plays out with shards of...
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San Francisco Chronicle

By Amy Biancolli
Any movie that features a character calling herself Fat Amy has a pretty firm grip on irony. It helps that Fat Amy is played by Rebel Wilson...
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USA Today

By Claudia Puig
The spirited a cappella singing in Pitch Perfect makes a predictable, feather-light coming-of-age film irresistibly fun.
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The Hollywood Reporter

By Todd McCarthy
Pitch Perfect is an enjoyably snarky campus romp that's both wildly nerdy and somewhat sexy.
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Entertainment Weekly

By Owen Gleiberman
Without the music, the movie might have been painful, but the songs, Auto-Tuned and processed as they are, generate a hooky bliss. They're...
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Philadelphia Inquirer

By Carrie Rickey
I smiled for the first half of the movie and started laughing hysterically when a supporting character hijacked it from its stars.
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Boston Globe

By Wesley Morris
The college singing-group comedy Pitch Perfect isn't dumb, but Kendrick's participation implies that it might also be smart. And sometimes...
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Rolling Stone

By Peter Travers
Kendrick is terrific, taking a role that could have slid by on snide and building it into something uniquely funny and touching.
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New York Daily News

By Elizabeth Weitzman
How you respond to Pitch Perfect will depend primarily on how you feel about its obvious inspirations: "Glee," "Bring It On" and the...
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The commercial doesn't do the movie justice.

By courtneykruesel
I absolutely loved this movie. It was hilarious. The commercial showed some funny parts, I must agree. But the movie was 10x more better then I thought it would be. Throughout the movie, I would not...

Go see it - but leave the little kids at home

By gork
A movie in the key of "American Pie" for the 'Capellas. This movie offers a lot - good looking college girls, crazy college girls, terrific one liners and "geeks make good" - plus the singing...

Pitch Perfect-ly Good

By Darkola
I'm writing this review a little late, movies been out at least a couple weeks already, but took my wife to see this as we missed an earlier movie we were planning on seeing, so ended up seeing this...


By c_saw22
Great one-liners, great songs, and an awesome cast! I thought it was going to be one of those movies where all the funny parts were shown in the trailer, but it's got a lot more to it. Loved it!...

Very upbeat and worth seeing!!

By pdaliesio
I went with my sixteen year old and her friend! The music was great, and the ending is perfect. Great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!...

Go see this movie.

By lexieberger
I hadn't even heard of this movie before I went. So I wasn't really sure what to expect. I knew there was some singing in it so I assumed maybe it would be a little like the show Glee. I went.......

Pitch Perfect

By HuggieJ
Fun movie. Will it when any awards? Probably not, but we enjoyed if very much as did everyone else in the theater with us. And don't believe those reviews that compare it to GLEE - it is far more...

Pitch Perfect

By lola b
A WOW! for sure. Such a nice change to see a fun funny Movie! Great actors, very talented. Loved Becca and Fat Amy! LOADS OF LAUGHTER!...

I can't wait for the DVD!

By MovieLovR4Life
Personally, I've always felt that movies are rushed in and out of theaters too quickly. But this is genuinely the first movie I've seen in a LONG time, that I am itching to get a copy of. Almost...

Never laughed so much in theater in my life!

By EasyBrezzy
I swear there was not a moment longer than 5 minutes where someone wasn't laughing! The commercial was... good but the movie was like a slap in your face compared to it! If you dont see this you'll...

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Rated PG-13 | For Language, Drug References and Sexual Material
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Common Sense Media says Edgy, teen-friendly musical comedy uplifts with song, heart.
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