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By palha6
Written April 06, 2011
Biggest fan right here!!!
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By Candyce_Amy
Written June 06, 2011
I CAN NOT wait to see this movie! I know that it will be weird without Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley but really, it's Johnny Depp that holds the POTC franchise together. Not particularly thrilled about the addition of Penelope Cruz but I have faith that they'll make it work. CAN'T WAIT!!!
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Pirates of the Carribean

By pshawn
Written May 25, 2011
This movie had several action sequences that were fun to watch. The story line was bearable. As always, Johnny Depp's Captain Jack Sparrow was a joy to watch. I do, however, believe this movie a was poor stab at making a trilogy. It was interesting seeing the Barbosa character used. All in all, I feel it was worth watching.
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No Bloom or Knightly, it's going to suck.

By Serus
Written May 15, 2011
If everyone else can post reviews for something unreleased as 5 stars and "O I CNT W8" then why not negative reviews?
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Better than the last one...

By colbybartrug
Written June 06, 2011
New characters give this leg of the journey a good refreshing. BUT the old characters keep it familiar and comfortable, just dont forget to stay till the VERY end - after the credits ;)
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