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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

By ayrial597
Written May 27, 2011
Best one yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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good fun

By jess crush
Written January 26, 2012
due to all the bad reviews we were not quite sure what to expect going in to this movie but it turned out to be high flying fun for the entie family a real treat and a good time at the movies on a hot summer night just what we had planed on it being good indoor fun for the evening and we all loved spending time with the captan and the rest of the gang what a summer treat
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one of the best of the year

By big jess crush
Written December 02, 2011
we rented this movie recently and we all had a blast with capton JACK and the other pirate crew and if you have not seen this movie yet I say go out and rent it today I am sure your family will LOVE IT
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Seen it all before

By Allenlhb17
Written May 24, 2011
Too LONG!The Mermaids were Cool! All in all It was Okay
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lovely family adventure one of the best this year

By theonore
Written December 30, 2011
we went to the theater and saw this movie this summer and had an apsolute blast it was a fun ride full of excitment and adventure for our entire family and we realy enjoyed it so sorry others did not see it the same way we did but some people did and that is all that matters adn we know that we are right and the critics once agin are dead wrong but that seems to happen alot now days though dosent it
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