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wonderful summer movie

By diet pepsi
Written January 02, 2012
I realy loved this movie when i went to see it in theaters this summer and had a very very good time and so did the rest of my family it was just an all around fun adventure and we ,loved every second of it just plain fun.
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Missing too many people

By NCC-1701
Written May 20, 2011
That was one of the most boring summer movies I've ever seen. Jack and Barbossa were good, but there was way too much talking for 2 1/2 hours. Some jokes fell flat and even the sword fighting didn't do anything for me. There were too many new people with no background info, and I didn't care about them. I really missed Pintel and Ragetti. Please, no more unless original cast members return!
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By nhraracer90
Written January 14, 2012
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Jack Sparrow is sober

By Koali
Written April 28, 2012
4 stars cause kids will still really like to see it. If so much was not filmed in the dark it would have been better for sure. Tried to save on scenery I guess or use less of the special effects. Jack Sparrow's lines are not as quip as they used to be - though he is still fun just not utilized to his talent and history with this series. Too many dark scenes that went on to long. Geoffrey Rush, a great actor, acts like he is so glad to be playing a pirate he just has not taken the time to internalize the art of being one. The story is good, Penelope left her strong accent at home thankfully and she fits fine. I thought the series would build with greatness upon what has been done. But it seems not to be the case. And Jack Sparrow's drunken speech style is all but vanished, leaving him with little spoof at all. But kids will be glad they saw it - and unfortunately may be afraid women will become vicious mermaids upon closer look. Good story though.
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Enough Already

By fcthomsen
Written May 22, 2011
Okay, Captain Jack Sparrow is still charming. Borbosa is as grizzled and curmudgeonly as ever. Gibbs is back, and there are some good supporting pirates. Would somebody please get these people a plot? There are a lot of strange ideas thrown together to make this "interesting" or "intriguing" or whatever, but no coherent story ever develops. And Penelope Cruz? She is unbelievable and uninteresting, and she and Johnny Depp have zero chemistry. The writers might have made a point with their story about the priest, only to squander it with some nonsensical mermaid "plot twist." Was the deadline upon you and you just had to finish up the script? Just run out of ideas and quit trying? Please, no Pirates 5. The well is long since dry.
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