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Five Word Review

By pakhtun
Written March 21, 2010
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He's Back

By jmccloy77
Written May 21, 2011
Johnny Depp is back. This movie was good. I really liked it. The storyline was good. Good action scenes. It was funny. Yea, its a little different than the other ones before this one, but it didnt disappoint at all. Penelope Cruz, Geoffrey Rush, and Ian McShane were awesome at their roles. They all did a tremendous job. I would definately recommend this movie to anyone. Go see it.
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Pirates 4, its been years since the last one came out!

By Moviemaniac92
Written February 04, 2011
Everyone isnt all excited, some are, some arent, but this is the newest one of the series. Sure, actors changed, but Johnny Depp is still in it, and some characters are returning, along with new ones! Wait it out guys, it might be good or might not. But it shouldn't be a disappointment, and fans will still see it!
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Five Word Review

By movies_r_us_2010
Written December 16, 2010
Can't wait for this movie!
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A Fun Romp

By annielouwho
Written May 25, 2011
I personally did not think the movie was as strong as the other three, but it is still enjoyable. Captain Jack is funny and witty as always. I liked the plot twist of Barbossa being in the Royal Navy. Ian McShane was fantastic as Blackbeard. He was ruthless and unforgiving, and the Queen Anne's Revenge is an awesome ship. I wished they'd utilized that ship more. The fresh perspective on mermaids gave the script a jolt. The mermaid scene was my favorite scene of the entire movie. Penelope Cruz was all right. I didn't think her character was very well developed, though. What I missed most was the camaraderie the crew had in the other films. I missed Cotton and Mary and the others. I also felt like this script had several plot holes. Of course, you could argue that all these films have sizable plot holes. All in all, it's a fun romp. Captain Jack is worth the ticket price alone, in my opinion. Of course, I'm a Captain Jack junkie.
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