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By giggles9787
Written July 01, 2011
Not thrilled about Penelope! Overall the movie was good! Didn't seem as long as the second!
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Stranger indeed

By redfueldelux
Written June 01, 2011
Well after the last mess that was 'At World's End', I figured there was no place to go but up. It pains me to say it, but man was I wrong! As much as I wanted to like this movie, I just couldn't get into it. 'On Stranger Tides' set sail with new characters, a bit smaller budget, and most notably, a new director...and it shows. From the start, this movie just didn't have the same feel as the rest of the films. The more ever so far fetched plot was all over the place, and chock full of holes.The new characters were uninteresting and the villain was... to be blunt, just plain boring. And sad to say, Penelope Cruz and Johnny Depp had zero chemistry throughout the film. Also I just realized, we are now four films in to this and there hasn't been any actual "Pirating". Pretty ironic. These sequels have progressively gotten worse since the first film and for this franchise to save itself they need to go back to the basics- Or everyone will stop caring..I'm almost there...almost. 4 out of 10
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pirates on stranger tides

By kimaun
Written May 23, 2011
it was ok.i give it two and a half stars.i felt the movie stray away from the great capt jack sparrow.the special effects was awesome.i could have pass on the 3d.the new characters was not interesting.the mermaid story was not to interesting and capt jack did not have the great one liners he had in the other movies. ii think younger children will enjoy the effects ,not the story.
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An Entertaining Surprise

By colbertsparrow
Written May 21, 2011
While the notion of "4" in something that feels like a trilogy has automatically jaded people against it, the newest Pirates movie is a bit of a surprise. Sure, the plot has some iffy parts, and a few moments could have been left on the cutting room floor, but overall, if I had Disney breathing down my neck to create a fourth Pirates movie, this would be just about as good as it could be considering the limitations. Fighting and action sequences are well done, as well as excellent mermaid effects, although the 3-D aspect was sort of pointless. However, I'd call it really less campy than the road the third one was taking, with quite a few cleverly placed lines and excellent timing. While Will and Lizzie are gone, Penelope Cruz fills the void quite well (not so sure about Blackbeard though), as do a few others, although I find myself still missing the old Jack's crew. But this aside, it was certainly not predictable in any sort of way, and had a fantastic ending. Savvy?
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

By LeannCase
Written May 25, 2011
Awesome of the best since the original.
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