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I'm a pirate! You're a pirate!

By JoseCarrier
Written May 24, 2011
Johnny Depp has aged well with the movies, developed his character through the pirate series like never before. If you havent seen, you can watch it free at [BLOCKED WEBSITE] .còm
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Review

By Derrick Deane
Written May 16, 2011
Certainly not as bad as POTC3 was, but no where near as good as POTC1. The movie runs into the same problems that plagued it during it's second and especially third outing - annoyingly long run-on dialogue (most of which is not very funny), a rather uninteresting subplot (regardless of how beautiful Astrid Berges-Frisbey looks) and subcharacters that are completely wasted (namely Kevin McNally's Gibbs). Don't get me wrong, POTC4 does have a few funny moments (Keith Richards has one of the best punchlines) and Depp plays the Sparrow character with a familiar vigor that makes it seem like he's just coasting through movie (he was paid $35 million for this movie). There was a part during the Fountain of Youth scene that was lifted and adapted from the One Piece manga/anime (that I found annoying) and the ending is a convoluted mess. The scene after the credits also makes no sense either. While a 5th and 6th movie are planned, I hope they improve on what they've got here. And skip the 3D.
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Pirates of the Carribean: On Stranger Tides

By moviemama24
Written May 18, 2011
Absolutely LOVED this film! The directing, acting and cinematography were all brilliant. Penelope was a super addition to the cast and Depp's action scenes from London to the Caribbean were sensational. What a fun ride and a great action-packed Summer movie for all ages. Just wait until you see the mermaids!!!!!!!!
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By msjmenvoy2
Written May 28, 2010
I cannot imagine a POC movie w/o Orlando, Kiera. We know what happed with Davy Jones, but to leave those 2 actors out. And who wants to see Penelope Cruz on this movie? ...I don't,, especially w/o 2 of the main characters. When I hear POC 4, I expect it to be a continuation of the adventure. Number 3 ended with a child beween Elizabeth and Will, and I think tht everyone wants to know where that story line goes. I may pass on this movie until it comes out on DVD.
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By lulaluvsmovies
Written November 09, 2010
So yea, we all know that the first POC was the best, no denying that. The others were okay. I believe that they should have just left it at "At Worlds End" but you never know, maybe this one endsup being good (and I only say that cause I'm rooting for Johnny Depp).
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