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Arrgh, me pirates!

By mman
Written June 12, 2011
I don't know how critics thought so poorly of this movie, but I myself found it perfectly watchable. More than that, I was actually entertained. This installment is significantly shorter than World's End, and a lot less brutal with the plot twists. Johnny Depp is still a lot of fun to watch as Jack Sparrow, and even without Gore Verbinski directing It's clear that Rob Marshall knows the spirit of the Pirates franchise. Newcomers Ian McShane and Penelope Cruz play their parts well and fit nicely into the franchise. One of my only critiques is the weird relationship between a crewmember and a mermaid, which I never really cared for. I would certainly see a fifth installment, but a beefier plot would be appreciated.
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Fresh Adventure With Sparrow & Co!!

By dameow
Written May 24, 2011
Great new escape to the high seas in search of the Fountain of Youth. . . with a new group of scallawags and some old favorites. A fun movie with lots of action, beautiful settings, and some not so beautiful but interesting views of a pirates' life, . . . Blackbeard is nasty, Angelica is catty & sly - great match up to Captain Sparrow. . . who is the life of this party. The mermaids are wickedly attractive, wish they had more of a part, but loved what did transpire. . . definitely a good rocking ride and will go back for another looksee. Also be sure to wait after the credits for the little fillm clip at the end!! Loved it!! ****
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I love Pirates

By Mars97
Written June 08, 2011
My first movie in 3D. Makes a fun difference. I'm a fan of Pirates so I loved this movie.
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boring mess

By bugbugfartlover
Written May 20, 2011
What the heck where they thinking when they made this movie? Cruz is horrible and can barely understand what she is saying at times. The other characters never get to reach their full potential of acting. Everything seems forced. It's like putting a whole lot of bland ingredients together and hoping to get something good but all you get is a flop! It was a waste of money and sleep since I saw the midnight showing.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger tides

By pgduffy
Written June 10, 2011
"It's a pirate's life for me, if you know what I mean.", was the most telling line in the movie, no treasure, no girl, just a couple o pirates doin' their pirate thing, off on another adventure without a ship or a crew...and that's how the movie begins, it seems. It is a circular vision of Jack Sparrow's existential existence. Certainly set for yet another welcome sequel. I saw it with my wife, with a mostly adult audience, on a school night, and we loved it. Penelope Cruz is fun as Blackbeard's "daughter", though I could have used a bit more 'frisson' between her and Jack. The 3-D cinematography is still a bit hard for my old eyes to keep up with (we kept taking off our glasses to get a better view and then...). There are some really pretty mermaids, and some sub-plot...a little redemption, a bit of revenge. I'd go back there.
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