Go! Go Now!

By xxredheadjessxx
Written June 16, 2007
Run! Don't walk... The third installment of the Pirates franchise is worth seeing if your any kind of pirate fan. While many critics viewed this chapter in the trilogy slow and unimpressive, I found the story line complex and interesting. Witty Jack is back for more adventure and the love story with Will and Elizabeth stays true to any romantic at heart. While the story may be confusing to those who are unfamiliar with pirates or perhaps just abit rusty, those who are true to the movies will find this one perhaps the best one yet, I know I did. With all the loveable characters from the first two and some new ones to boot, this is the best movie I have seen all year. It leads open thepossibility for a fourth and the sence after the credits is worth the wait! I hope there are more to come!
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Loved It

By jmag420
Written May 30, 2007
Everyone keeps sayin it's too long....NO wayy i could of stayed another hour. This is a great movie that could possibly be the last of 3 classic movies. I would see this again and anyone that enjoyed the first two should certainly check this out. You wont be dissapointed
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By rootedinpeace
Written May 24, 2007
I'm studying abroad in Prague and luckily POTC 3 comes out a day earlier over in Europe. Some people will say that the first was the best, but this movie clearly showed how far the characters and plot have developed and could therefore not be anything like the original. There were a lot of nods to the past 2 movies, which die-hard fans like myself found hilarious and were therefore the only ones laughing at those moments. My point being: GO SEE IT! It was simply amazing and really did blow the other two out of the water. The ending makes it completely worth it. It is still a "dark" movie like the second, but lightens up and gets back to its roots by the end. Words cannot describe how much I loved it. You will laugh. You will cry. You will scream. You will love this movie. I saw the second one three times in theaters....I'm definitely going to beat that record while here in Prague alone. And when I get back to the States...haha ohhh boy. You know where my paychecks will be going ;-)
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Pirates of Caribbean: Will it ever end

By Mystert
Written February 02, 2008
Although it was an interesting movie (better than the second one) it was a bit long. Just be prepared for it. Thank god there wasn't alot of parts that were slow. Not a lot of kissy lovey dovey dramatic stuff.
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Pirates of the Caribbean: Redundancy

By the_prestige
Written December 29, 2007
Way to long and way to contrived.
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