PIRATE RADIO. Can't stop the music!!! Grade: B. (Based on advance VIP press preview on Thus. Nov. 12th.))

Written November 13, 2009
Richard Curtis(Bridget Jones's Diary, Four Weddings and a Funeral) wrote/directed this 60's period UK comedy export - The Boat That Rocked - that was retitled Pirate Radio for its US release. This is a tale of a rebellious popular 'pirate radio' station(loosely based on Radio Caroline) that broadcasted populist entertainment on the Medium wave band(to the UK) from the Radio Rock ship in the high seas just outside of UK's territorial waters - rocking the patrician-controlled UK and vexing Kenneth Branagh's stiff upper-lipped Minister Dormandy. Pirate Radio floated on a minimalist plot - focused heavily on its characters while being saturated with a exceptionally infectious 60s groovy foot-tapping soundtrack. The cast performed with gleeful abandon relishing their roles - quirky eccentric characters with silly names such as The Count, Thick Kevin, the Dawn Treader, The Knut, etc., and Twatt(which provided some mirthful giggles). A treat for fans of British comedies.
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Great Fun Move!

By Rock-it Radio
Written April 01, 2009
The Boat that Rocked is actually based on a true story. In the UK in the mid 60's the only radio programming they had was the BBC that only dedicated a couple of hours a week to Pop and Rock music. Then came Radio Caroline which the movie is very loosely based on. An offshore pirate radio ship broadcasting pop music to a pop music starved nation! You could imagine what would happen when you have DJ's and guests and a big party atmosphere with a ship playing music! We have a tribute webpage to Radio Caroline and Offshore broadcasting at: [BLOCKED WEBSITE] to learn more about Offshore Radio. All the best, Bennie Dingo Rock-it Radio
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forget jack sparrow...

By ithrah
Written January 05, 2010
this is pure movie fun. one part nostalgia, one part stick it to the censors, all fun. this was the feel good movie of 2009. if you missed it at theatres you must rent it, me, i'm going to buy it.
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Not Amazing

By mosheman100
Written January 03, 2010
It had its funny parts but I thought it dragged on a little. I didn't feel like Phillip Seymour Hoffman as advertised was the main character but the young kid was.
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Appealing for people over 40

By President113
Written December 28, 2009
Pirate Radio was a bit long in my opinion, but interesting. I didn't know about the restrictions on Rock 'n Roll in the UK, so it was informative, but the story itself dragged a bit and the movie just seemed a little too long with not enough laughs. This is the kind of film my parents would enjoy because it's about their generation, but for people under 30 I'd say wait for it to come out on DVD.
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