Surprisingly Hilarious!

Written January 28, 2009
I got free tickets to an advanced showing of The Pink Panther 2. I guess I'm in the minority when I say that I loved the first one. But, anyway, I thought that it's sequel is almost as hilarious. Well, the story is that this thief called the Tornado is stealing priceless artifacts from museums, and eventually he takes the Pink Panther diamond. So, an International Dream Team is assembled, including Andy Garcia as Vicenzo, Alfred Molina as Pepperidge, Yuki Matsuzaki as Kenji, and Steve Martin as the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. This Dream Team is assigned to track down the Tornado and the stolen treasures. I thought that this movie was absolutley hilarious. It had some great gags in it, some that had me bursting with laughter. Some of these gags were way to over the top, but if you let your mind shut down for an hour and a half, then you'll enjoy this as much as I did. While not as good as the originals, The Pink Panther 2 is a hilarious slapstick rollercoaster ride, so just have fun!
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By jimchudnow
Written February 06, 2009
I've always enjoyed the general purposeful nuttiness of the “PINK PANTHER” series of films, both with Peter Sellers & recently with STEVE MARTIN. Martin stars as the bumbling-but-successful French Inspector Clouseau. This time, he joins a “Dream Team” of sleuths (including one played by ANDY GARCIA) who are trying to track down the “Tornado” who’s been stealing very famous artifacts from around the world. Although she’s somewhat wasted in this film (compared to the fine work she was allowed to do with Martin in 1984’s “ALL OF ME”), LILY TOMLIN appears as a woman trying to help Clouseau with being more “politically correct” (which is a pretty fruitless endeavor!). While it wasn’t great, the audience (including loads of kids) responded with a bunch of LAUGHS to the shenanigans going on, & the adults seemed to like the mild romantic elements. While I didn’t find this as good as previous episodes, it’s a generally pleasant distraction (and we could certainly use that in these times).
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Funny movie

By leggys45
Written February 06, 2009
Wow, I would recommend this movie, I was really down in the dumps today and picked this movie to help pick me up. Trust me it did. I will go see it again. Love Steve Martin...
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Loved the 1st! but unless this one brings it, it will flop

By action critic
Written November 17, 2008
the 1st Steve martin pink panther was hilarious!!! Loads of physical humor, and never ran out of jokes. Unless this new one is better or even close to the same, it will flop. But it will bring in a large opening weekend. Time will tell...
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Will it be a hit?

By devinishot
Written January 03, 2009
I saw the first movie when it released, but I really didn't like it. However; I think that Steve Martin can have a come-back in this movie. He hasn't had barely any good movies since Cheaper by the Dozen, but thats just my opinion. Characters, such as, Beyonce Knowles, will not return for the sequel. Why? She might have been part of the reason why many people went and saw the first movie. Well this movie will release on, February 6, 2009; and will have a PG rating. I hope this will be worth seeing instead of wasting money at the movies.
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