Ping Pong Playa Synopsis
A slacker (Jimmy Tsai) must preserve his family's honor by winning a table tennis tournament.
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By kalan38
This movie will appeal to many people of color especially those who have experienced "genetic deficiencies" according to mainstream stereotypes. The movie blasts holes against Asian American...

it was awesome

By helju
I saw it on Saturday. It is hilarious. The main character C-dub, who wishes he were a basketball star, has to help out his family teaching ping pong (and becomes a better person in the process)....

Great Family Movie

By ethans dad
This is a great family movie that you can take all the kids to see! They'll love it....


Hilarious, the way he talked made me laugh so hard....

Gotta go see it!

By mystiqu
It was sooo good. And cuz it's an Asian American independent movie, it really needs a lot of support from everyone. I was laughing hysterically! A great family movie....

Funny movie

By yonderb
Simply put, it was a funny ***movie. I would say "GO" see it, but since it's an indie flick, it won't be in theaters long, so it's a "MUST GO." Cool part of the screening was that the star of the...

Great small movie

By skyler_fox
This is a great small movie. Like a lot of independent films, this movie makes up for production values with heart. I took my daughter to see it and we had a great time. The lead and director did a...


By htown11
Great movie w/ fantastic humor and subtle jabs at the Chinese American community. Way to go! Jimmy Tsai is an amazing actor and captures the essence of growing up in the US as an Asian American....

complete rubbish

By yosser
A really poorly made movie about a rebellious younger teen/adult who is in the shadow of his older sucessful brother. There is a lot of profanity in it although it is beeped out. For instance he...


By wtkwok
I've seen this movie twice now with my wife and kids 11 and 9, and we laughed out loud through the whole thing. It is definitely a lot of fun with a very well written story and lots of unexpected...

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Rated PG-13 | For language, including some sexual remarks and drug references