By kylauren
Written August 08, 2008
I thought it was freaking hilarious. The first half was way funnier and faster-paced than the second half, but the second half was by no means a letdown. There were some parts that made me laugh until I cried, which is awesome. But it felt long at an hour and 45 minutes! James Franco is a revelation!
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A smart and funny joint!

By saintandrew
Written August 07, 2008
Pineapple Express starts out with a hilarious Refer Madness-like clip, featuring SNL's Bill Hader, of the government's tests on marijuana back in the forties. The scene establishes the entire mindset of the movie and from there it just builds into one huge thunderclap of hilarity. Seth Rogen (Dale) and James Franco (Saul) are just flat out funny as a burn-out process server and his dealer respectively. The script weaves all the paranoia and stream of consciousness thinking of being high - "Hold on, I have an idea!" - into a mad cap chase from the bad drug dealer they're running from. Rosie Perez does a superbly funny job playing the bad cop and Gary Cole shows his underappreciated range as the Drug Lord Ted Jones. Every time she leaves a scene you wish Amber Heard, Dale's High School Girl Friend, was in more and Danny McBride adds a whole 'nother layer of silliness as Red the drug middle man. See it! Bring some food, snacks, fruit roll ups!
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By R.Thomas
Written August 06, 2008
One week ago I managed to land myself a pair of tickets for an advanced screening of Pineapple Express, and let me just say that I was VERY disappointed by the latest Apatow/Rogen/Franco movie. I have always been a fan of the Rogen/Franco duo (Freaks and Geeks is and remains a must-see) but this one left me on my appetite. If you care about wasting 2 hours on yet another stupid movie, well this is the movie for you. I don't care about how many people believe that this is going to be the hit stoner comedy of the year, as it will certainly NOT be remembered as a cult movie. Both actors (Rogen and Franco) deliver a lousy (and not very convincing) performance in this easy comedy, while the action sequences, said to be amazing, are plain ridiculous. The Variety's review is very accurate and is a must-read for anyone who considers wasting his time/money on this movie. As for all the people who believed it was great, I can guarantee you that they have NOT seen it!
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If you liked " knocked up, superbad, grandma's boy, and the 40 year old virgin" your gonna love this!

By Profound
Written July 15, 2008
Although ive only seen about 1/4 of the the movie every sceen is a laugh its not for people who are not into pot humar or kids for that matter but it is something that will make you laugh till you cant stand it anymore!
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By wesley pipes
Written August 05, 2008
If you dont toke up , this is not the movie for you. You need to be a pothead to enjoy this movie
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