Loved it.

By evilguy59
Written July 31, 2008
I saw the Pineapple Express at an advanced screening filmed for the MTV Movie Awards and it was great. Simply put. Every review I read so far was thinking too hard...the movie is FUNNY...that's all that matters. The premise is great and supplies hilarious, ridiculous action scenes including a 10 minute fight scene between Seth, James, and Danny McBride. Also...Seth Rogen on a cable jumping from a ledge onto Gary Cole in SLOW MOTION....priceless. The best part of the movie though is Franco's acting as the stoner. He captures the character perfectly. Overall, I am not going to compare it to Superbad...because..I shouldn't have's a different movie, but it is hilarious!
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If you want to laugh your a** off...

By daisies4no1
Written July 24, 2008
you have to go see Pineapple Express! This movie is freaking halarious, not to mention comically random. You don't have to be an avid weed smoker to enjoy this movie, they made it funny for everyone.
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Wow Gary 420 strikes again!

By WindupSquirrel
Written January 25, 2008
Who knew Gary 420 smoked the Pineapple Hash! You go!
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Seth Rogens the man

By McLovin55
Written December 11, 2007
saw the preview on the superbad dvd, looks halarious
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By blackandteal
Written August 02, 2008
I'm not generally a Seth Rogen fan, but I received advance screening tix so I went. Seth Rogen and James Franco were perfect for the roles! Everything said and done was so typical of stoners. I loved it. The first half of the movie was hilarious, then it slowed down a little but it got funny at the end. A must see for stoners everywhere!
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