PILLOW TALK = Ultimate Fluff Film Making

By lugubriousthespian
Written April 25, 2009
This epitome of the 60's "sex comedy" also is the finest teaming of th Day/Hudson/Randall movies that has pure & proper Doris is verbally sparring with her ultra randy phone party-line ( you youngins' may have to ask the Ps about that one:) stud Rock until she meets his gentleman Texan alter ego during bit of cinematic serendipity and falls madly in love. Tony is thrown into the mix as the put upon, jilted millionaire boyfriend in this completely charming blast into the past. Totally fabricated Holywood at its sparkiling best with hilarious double entendres, miscommunications and of course the ALWAYS flawless Thelma Ritter zinging off one-liners as DD's lushy housekeeper. A real keeper of a frothy comedy even by today's standards!! Naturally Doris gets to belt out a few songs along the way - the title track possibly being the best while the piano bar scen is completely corny - but still FUNNY!
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One of the best

By premiermgmt3
Written January 25, 2016
Incredibly witty and sharp writing delivered flawlessly by Day and Hudson. New Hollywood please pay attention this is how you make a good movie and give the audience a great movie experience
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