Phish 3D Synopsis
Phish footage filmed in October 2009 at the band’s Festival 8.

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Phish 3D

By bhartlage
I thought the film was excellent; and it transported me back to Indio, Ca for Halloween weekend! The sound was incredible in the movie theatre, not only the band but also the crowd reactions. The...

Phish Head?

By PennsylvaniaPete
If you are into Phish you are going to have a great time, as did I. If you are not familiar with Phish, like my wife, you will be bored. Its not as great as being at Phish, but at least you don't...

Five Word Review

By nicklb89

Phish 3D movie - great!

By smenosky
Great movie, felt as if we were right on-stage with the band and/or at the concert itself. Lots of fun, good sounds. Phish was great (as always), and was nice being able to purchase tix online...

Five Word Review

By kmjansen
Great music and awesome visuals...

Five Word Review

By riker0ne
melts your face off man!...

I loved this film.

By marthur84
Rad movie! This was my first 3D film and I loved it. I actually felt like I had the best seat at the concert....

Only possible improvement? Lose 3D!

By agree499
I really enjoyed the wonderful music played by favorite band in peak form in beautiful place. The only thing that could have made me enjoy it more would have been not having to wear cheap 3D glasses...

Phish 3D

By easygoer
Very entertaining, but it could have captured the entire festival experience better. I was actually at the Halloween festival and it was an amazing experience. The songs picked for the movie were a...


By swaveyd
My first 3d show ever and it was fabulous......

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