Philip Phillips

Worked With

Year Name Title
1988 Annie Potts Pass the Ammo
1988 Logan Ramsey Pass the Ammo
1988 Bill Paxton Pass the Ammo
1988 Robert John Burke Pass the Ammo
1988 Tim Curry Pass the Ammo
1960 Sydney Pollack Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Contest for Aaron Gold
1960 Ray Walston Tall Story
1960 Ruth Robinson Tall Story
1960 Marc Connelly Tall Story
1960 Tom Laughlin Tall Story
1960 Anthony Perkins Tall Story
1960 Jane Fonda Tall Story
1960 Gary Lockwood Tall Story
1960 Murray Hamilton Tall Story
1960 Elizabeth Patterson Tall Story
1960 Anne Jackson Tall Story
1957 James Dobson The Tall Stranger
1957 Robert Foulk The Tall Stranger
1957 Joel McCrea The Tall Stranger
1957 Virginia Mayo The Tall Stranger
1957 Don McGuire The Tall Stranger
1957 Ray Teal The Tall Stranger
1957 Michael Ansara The Tall Stranger
1957 Michael Pate The Tall Stranger
1956 Joi Lansing Hot Shots
1956 Henry Rowland Hot Shots
1956 Robert Shayne Hot Shots
1956 Huntz Hall Hot Shots
1956 Frank Marlowe Hot Shots
1956 Isabel Randolph Hot Shots
1956 Stanley Clements Hot Shots
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