Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary LIVE Synopsis
A celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber's landmark musical. From the Royal Albert Hall in London.

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POTO 25th Anniversary Live!

By phantomviewer
AMAZING, BRILLIANT, A MASTERPIECE!!! What else can I say, I LOVED it!!! Ramin and Sierra were perfect as the Phantom and Christine. The sets, the costumes, the music...Fabulous!!! I have seen the...

Phantom of the Opera 25th Anniversary Live.

By TATO6910
One of the best love story's and Opera Ever....

Phantom of the Opera

By Regina Grisillo
We've seen Phanton live several times in NY, so naturally this production was a bit different. They did a great job with the staging needed to be suitable for the venue and while not the same as NY,...


By Big Century
LOVED- LOVED-LOVED IT! From a birds eye view seeing the expressions, tears, spit flying out! Everything about it was fantastic! I'm signing up for Fathom emails though because this was not promoted...

Oh my...word

By mec7z
This is the first watch from a screen. Ive been to live performances including Phantom before. This was really good, Incredible shots, and couldnt see it like that if I was there. The performers...

Fantastic Phantom

By mconvery
This 25th ceelbration was terrific. The singers were strong, the staging dramatic and the finale very touching. A Must See for sure....

Phantom 25th - awesome

By LinuxKnight1
This was a screening of a live performance at Albert Hall in England, shown worldwide on movie theater screens. I am a big fan of the Phantom of the Opera, and have seen it in regular theaters 3 or...

Way to techy

By Cooldude2727
Orchestra above the stage in plain sight? No mirror during Music of the Night? No pile of skulls at the graveyard? No skull capped cane to shoot the fireballs? And the worst sin of all: NO...


By ghostdancing
Although there were many changes from the performances I have seen in the past, the show was magnificent. Sierra, Ramin, and the entire cast were impeccable. The introduction of Sir Andrew Lloyd...

Phantom of the Opera

By tebaldi1935
Have seen this in London and elsewhere but Sunday's 25th anniversary production was so compelling. The singing was superb and the acting likewise. the audience was blown away with the wholeness of...

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