By justinmcdade66
Written August 26, 2016
The movie sucked there was really no action and they just turned against everyone on there ship its just not a good movie to see.
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Good movie. Ending was a little weak.

By dc33
Written March 29, 2015
I went to see this move even though it got a lot of bad reviews. I went on the strength of the actors. Ed Harris is an amazing actor and he is great in this. I enjoyed it except for the gun fight inside the sub. Really guys? It held my interest the hole way through. I have to admit the ending was a little silly and didn't quite fit the feel of the movie. Other than that I would say take it for a spin.
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For Cold War Buffs, With Reservations

By DktrStrangelove
Written August 29, 2015
You can probably guess, based on my username, that I love Cold War history and films. And this movie is pretty solid. However, the writer/director, Todd Robinson, tries to shoehorn into the story a spiritual angle that falls completely flat, especially in the film's downright odd odd final scenes. But, there is a lot to like here. A solid cast, doing their usual professional job. A fair bit of tension between the crew and the KGB zealots trying to start World War III. And, you get to see a lot of '60s Cold War submarine hardware, Novembers and Skipjacks and the like. Also, no one *really* knows what happened to the K-129, other than it sank following an unknown accident. It also sank in 16,000 feet of water, and likely imploded. Parts of the boat were recovered in Operation Azorian in 1974 by the Glomar Explorer. Cold War buffs should go. For everyone else, this is definitely a flyer. But, take a chance. I recommend it as an interesting near-miss.
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By benny0253
Written November 29, 2015
Good, entertaining movie. Makes you think about how little the public knows about things the governments of the world have deemed "classified".
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By thedoctor777
Written November 25, 2015
Phantom This is another very good movie about submarines. It falls into the category with HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER, CRIMSON TIDE and the black and white classic GRAY LADY DOWN. The acting is good and the casting was excellent. The story is a familiar one; but it’s still worth your money and time to see. The story does move along at an acceptable pace. I found it an enjoyable afternoon at the movies and I am glad I took the time to see this barely promoted film.
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