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Pete's Dragon Synopsis
The adventures of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.
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pete's dragon

By gucciallen84
the best movie ever...

Best of 2016

By domd21
This movie was heartfelt and stunningly beautiful ! Best family movie of the year!...

Great movie.

By djcrawlr
I loved this movie. Yes, it was predictable, but the jounrey through the film was very enjoyable. I have a stone heart, and it takes a lot to tug at my heart strings, but there were a few moments in...

A Little Confusing at First

By aross232
While it likely followed the book, if you have never read it as our daughter had not, then it was a little confusing at first about the family Pete ended up with. Very believable CG. Eliot was...

One of my All time favorites

By valleygirl1074
Loooooved it! My boys loved it! So worth the $ to see it in the theater....

End of summer surprise

By coolerking1963
Sadly, this movie will be overlooked by the moviegoing public. I would compare this movie favorably to E.T....


By fredirickenerio

Great movie!

By reggaerocks2
I loved this movie! Totally different than the first, no singing or cartoons, but really good. I was surprised how emotional it was but still really good. Probably a bit mature for really young ones,...

Very sad and very long for a 7 year old!!

By McBrayerkathy
Good cast. Sad movie. This movie was painful in that it started sad and pretty much remained sad throughout the entire movie....

fantastic movie

By Rochellethornburg

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