Peter Outerbridge

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 Stephen McHattie Haunter
2012 Martin Donovan Silent Hill: Revelation
2012 Carrie-Anne Moss Silent Hill: Revelation
2012 Deborah Kara Unger Silent Hill: Revelation
2012 Malcolm McDowell Silent Hill: Revelation
2012 Sean Bean Silent Hill: Revelation
2006 Stanley Tucci Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Bruce Willis Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Ben Kingsley Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Danny Aiello Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Josh Hartnett Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Morgan Freeman Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Lucy Liu Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Mykelti Williamson Lucky Number Slevin
2006 Jeremy Sisto Population 436
2004 Steven Weber The D.A. [TV Series]
2004 J.K. Simmons The D.A. [TV Series]
2004 Wendy Crewson ReGenesis [TV Series]
2002 Leslie Nielsen Men with Brooms
2002 Molly Parker Men with Brooms
2002 Zakes Mokae Monk: Mr. Monk and the Marathon Man
2000 Cybill Shepherd Marine Life
2000 Tim Robbins Mission to Mars
2000 Gary Sinise Mission to Mars
2000 Don Cheadle Mission to Mars
2000 Armin Mueller-Stahl Mission to Mars
2000 Kim Delaney Mission to Mars
2000 Connie Nielsen Mission to Mars
2000 Theresa Saldana Thrill Seekers
2000 Martin Sheen Thrill Seekers
2000 Catherine Bell Thrill Seekers
1999 Wendy Crewson Better Than Chocolate
1999 Wendy Crewson Escape Velocity
1999 Jane Kaczmarek Reviving Ophelia
1998 Terry O'Quinn Millennium: Season 03
1998 Lance Henriksen Millennium: Season 03
1997 Peter Coyote Murder in My Mind
1997 Stacy Keach Murder in My Mind
1996 Louis Gossett, Jr. Captive Heart: The James Mink Story
1996 Ruby Dee Captive Heart: The James Mink Story
1996 Don Francks Captive Heart: The James Mink Story
1996 Kate Nelligan Captive Heart: The James Mink Story
1996 Kim Delaney Closer and Closer
1996 Anthony Zerbe Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance
1996 Joe Morton Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance
1996 Brian Dennehy Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance
1996 Charles S. Dutton Jack Reed: Death and Vengeance
1996 Molly Parker Kissed
1996 Lance Henriksen Millennium [TV Series]
1996 Terry O'Quinn Millennium [TV Series]
1995 Saul Rubinek The Android Affair
1995 Ossie Davis The Android Affair
1995 Griffin Dunne The Android Affair
1995 Billy Dee Williams Falling for You
1995 Helen Shaver Falling for You
1995 Henry Czerny The Michelle Apartments
1994 Russell Crowe For the Moment
1993 John Candy Cool Runnings
1992 Ken Kercheval Diagnosis of Murder
1992 Dick Van Dyke Diagnosis of Murder
1992 William Atherton Diagnosis of Murder
1992 Mariette Hartley Diagnosis of Murder
1991 Michael Ironside Victim of Beauty
1991 Sally Kellerman Victim of Beauty
1991 Jennifer Rubin Victim of Beauty
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