Peter MacKenzie

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Stephen Root Trumbo
2015 David James Elliott Trumbo
2015 Helen Mirren Trumbo
2015 John Goodman Trumbo
2015 Diane Lane Trumbo
2014 Stephen Tobolowsky Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?
2014 Rob Morrow Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt?
2014 Frank Lloyd Earth to Echo
2013 John C. McGinley 42
2013 Harrison Ford 42
2013 Christopher Meloni 42
2013 Lucas Black 42
2009 Rita Wilson It's Complicated
2009 Meryl Streep It's Complicated
2009 Mary Kay Place It's Complicated
2009 Alec Baldwin It's Complicated
2009 Steve Martin It's Complicated
2006 Sherilyn Fenn Gilmore Girls: Super Cool Party People
2002 Don Cheadle ER: One Can Only Hope
2000 Lucy Liu Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Marlo Thomas Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Calista Flockhart Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 James LeGros Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Jami Gertz Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Robert Downey, Jr. Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Peter MacNicol Ally McBeal: 'Tis the Season
2000 Ron Silver American Tragedy
2000 Bruno Kirby American Tragedy
2000 Christopher Plummer American Tragedy
2000 Ving Rhames American Tragedy
1998 Scott Bakula Major League: Back To The Minors
1998 Corbin Bernsen Major League: Back To The Minors
1998 Dennis Haysbert Major League: Back To The Minors
1996 Bud Cort Theodore Rex
1996 Armin Mueller-Stahl Theodore Rex
1996 Richard Roundtree Theodore Rex
1996 Stephen McHattie Theodore Rex
1996 Joe Dallesandro Theodore Rex
1996 Carol Kane Theodore Rex
1996 Whoopi Goldberg Theodore Rex
1996 Jonathan Taylor Thomas Tom and Huck
1995 Johnny Depp Nick of Time
1995 Charles S. Dutton Nick of Time
1995 Christopher Walken Nick of Time
1995 Marsha Mason Nick of Time
1994 Christopher Reeve Speechless
1994 Steven Wright Speechless
1994 Harry Shearer Speechless
1994 Charles Martin Smith Speechless
1994 Bonnie Bedelia Speechless
1994 Geena Davis Speechless
1994 Michael Keaton Speechless
1994 Ernie Hudson Speechless
1992 Susan Sarandon Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Laura Linney Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Peter Ustinov Lorenzo's Oil
1992 Nick Nolte Lorenzo's Oil
1988 Anne Bancroft Torch Song Trilogy
1988 Matthew Broderick Torch Song Trilogy
1987 Julia Roberts Firehouse
1987 Noble Willingham Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 Bruno Kirby Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 Danny Aiello Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 Forest Whitaker Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 Robin Williams Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 Robert Wuhl Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 J.T. Walsh Good Morning, Vietnam
1987 David Alan Grier Off Limits
1987 Gregory Hines Off Limits
1987 Scott Glenn Off Limits
1987 Fred Ward Off Limits
1987 Willem Dafoe Off Limits
1987 Keith David Off Limits
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