Peter Howell

Worked With

Year Name Title
1995 Franco Nero The Innocent Sleep
1995 Annabella Sciorra The Innocent Sleep
1995 Michael Gambon The Innocent Sleep
1995 Rupert Graves The Innocent Sleep
1994 Wendy Hughes Princess Caraboo
1994 Jim Broadbent Princess Caraboo
1994 Phoebe Cates Princess Caraboo
1994 John Lithgow Princess Caraboo
1994 Stephen Rea Princess Caraboo
1994 Murray Melvin Princess Caraboo
1994 Kevin Kline Princess Caraboo
1993 Anthony Hopkins Shadowlands
1993 John Wood Shadowlands
1993 Debra Winger Shadowlands
1993 Peter Firth Shadowlands
1993 Robert Flemyng Shadowlands
1979 Ray Winstone Scum
1967 Jackie Cooper The Prisoner: The General
1967 Ian Fleming The Prisoner: The General
1967 Patrick McGoohan The Prisoner: The General
1965 Diana Rigg Avengers: Death at Bargain Prices
1965 Andre Morell Avengers: Death at Bargain Prices
1965 Patrick Macnee Avengers: Death at Bargain Prices
1964 Christopher Lee The Devil-Ship Pirates
1964 Andrew Keir The Devil-Ship Pirates
1964 Harry Locke The Devil-Ship Pirates
1964 Michael Ripper The Devil-Ship Pirates
1964 William Sylvester Incident at Midnight
1964 Anton Diffring Incident at Midnight
1962 Jill Ireland Roommates
1962 Liz Fraser Roommates
1962 Kenny Williams Roommates
1962 Tom Clegg Roommates
1962 George Woodbridge Roommates
1962 Geoffrey Keen Roommates
1962 James Robertson Justice Roommates
1962 Victor Maddern Roommates
1962 Eric Barker Roommates
1962 Brian Oulton Roommates
1961 Adrienne Corri The Hellfire Club
1961 Tutte Lemkow The Hellfire Club
1961 Miles Malleson The Hellfire Club
1961 Peter Cushing The Hellfire Club
1961 Victor Maddern Watch Your Stern
1961 Eric Barker Watch Your Stern
1961 Hattie Jacques Watch Your Stern
1961 Noel Purcell Watch Your Stern
1961 Joan Sims Watch Your Stern
1961 Eric Sykes Watch Your Stern
1961 Spike Milligan Watch Your Stern
1960 Eric Pohlmann No Kidding
1960 Noel Purcell No Kidding
1960 Brian Oulton No Kidding
1960 Betta St. John Tarzan the Magnificent
1960 Lionel Jeffries Tarzan the Magnificent
1960 Gordon Scott Tarzan the Magnificent
1960 Jock Mahoney Tarzan the Magnificent
1960 John Carradine Tarzan the Magnificent
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