Peter Greene

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Billy Zane The Kill Hole
2010 Carol Kane The Bounty Hunter
2010 Cathy Moriarty The Bounty Hunter
2010 Jennifer Aniston The Bounty Hunter
2010 Christine Baranski The Bounty Hunter
2009 Ed Harris Once Fallen
2009 Peter Weller Once Fallen
2009 Amy Madigan Once Fallen
2009 Sharon Gless Once Fallen
2006 A. Martinez Fist of the Warrior
2006 Sherilyn Fenn Fist of the Warrior
2005 Jake Busey H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds
2004 Rick Schroder Black Cloud
2002 Ed Lauter The Gentleman Bandit
2002 Ryan O'Neal The Gentleman Bandit
2001 Keith David Law & Order: Bronx Cheer
2001 Matthew Modine Nobody's Baby
2001 Mary Steenburgen Nobody's Baby
2001 Ed O'Neill Nobody's Baby
2001 Gary Oldman Nobody's Baby
2001 Bob Gunton Scenes of the Crime
2001 Jeff Bridges Scenes of the Crime
2001 R. Lee Ermey Scenes of the Crime
2001 Dennis Hopper Ticker
2001 Tom Sizemore Ticker
2001 Steven Seagal Ticker
2000 Frederic Forrest Shadow Hours
2000 Brad Dourif Shadow Hours
2000 Peter Weller Shadow Hours
1999 Richard Sarafian Blue Streak
1999 Luke Wilson Blue Streak
1999 Martin Lawrence Blue Streak
1999 William Forsythe Blue Streak
1999 Dave Chappelle Blue Streak
1998 Kevin J. O'Connor Black Cat Run
1998 Jake Busey Black Cat Run
1998 Ben Stiller Permanent Midnight
1998 Charles Fleischer Permanent Midnight
1998 Owen Wilson Permanent Midnight
1998 Elizabeth Hurley Permanent Midnight
1998 Maria Bello Permanent Midnight
1998 Janeane Garofalo Permanent Midnight
1998 Fred Willard Permanent Midnight
1997 Heather Locklear Double Tap
1997 A. Martinez Double Tap
1997 Stephen Rea Double Tap
1997 Rosanna Arquette Trading Favors
1996 Daniel Craig Kiss and Tell
1996 Barry Corbin Kiss and Tell
1996 David Arquette Kiss and Tell
1996 Peter Howitt Kiss and Tell
1996 Lukas Haas Kiss and Tell
1996 Heather Graham Kiss and Tell
1996 Alexandra Paul Kiss and Tell
1996 Rose McGowan Kiss and Tell
1996 Jill Hennessy Kiss and Tell
1996 Christopher McDonald The Rich Man's Wife
1996 Clive Owen The Rich Man's Wife
1996 Halle Berry The Rich Man's Wife
1996 Michael Paré Sworn Enemies
1995 Nick Mancuso Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
1995 Kurtwood Smith Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
1995 Andy Romano Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
1995 Steven Seagal Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
1995 Eric Bogosian Under Siege 2: Dark Territory
1995 Kevin Pollak The Usual Suspects
1995 Chazz Palminteri The Usual Suspects
1995 Kevin Spacey The Usual Suspects
1995 Pete Postlethwaite The Usual Suspects
1995 Paul Bartel The Usual Suspects
1995 Giancarlo Esposito The Usual Suspects
1995 Benicio Del Toro The Usual Suspects
1995 Dan Hedaya The Usual Suspects
1995 Stephen Baldwin The Usual Suspects
1995 Suzy Amis The Usual Suspects
1995 Gabriel Byrne The Usual Suspects
1994 Lucy Liu Bang
1994 Jim Carrey The Mask
1994 Cameron Diaz The Mask
1994 Peter Riegert The Mask
1994 John Travolta Pulp Fiction
1994 Eric Stoltz Pulp Fiction
1994 Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction
1994 Lawrence Bender Pulp Fiction
1994 Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction
1994 Christopher Walken Pulp Fiction
1994 Bruce Willis Pulp Fiction
1994 Harvey Keitel Pulp Fiction
1994 Ving Rhames Pulp Fiction
1994 Dick Miller Pulp Fiction
1994 Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction
1994 Amanda Plummer Pulp Fiction
1994 Tim Roth Pulp Fiction
1994 Frank Whaley Pulp Fiction
1994 Rosanna Arquette Pulp Fiction
1994 Steve Buscemi Pulp Fiction
1993 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Judgment Night
1993 Denis Leary Judgment Night
1993 Emilio Estevez Judgment Night
1993 Stephen Dorff Judgment Night
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