Peter Glenville
Date of Birth
Oct 28, 1913
Birth Place:
London, England, UK

Worked With

Year Name Title
1966 Leonard Rossiter Hotel Paradiso
1966 Akim Tamiroff Hotel Paradiso
1966 Robert Morley Hotel Paradiso
1966 Alec Guinness Hotel Paradiso
1966 Gina Lollobrigida Hotel Paradiso
1948 Michael Hordern Good Time Girl
1948 Diana Dors Good Time Girl
1948 Jane Hylton Good Time Girl
1948 Edward Lexy Good Time Girl
1948 Jean Kent Good Time Girl
1948 Dennis Price Good Time Girl
1948 Beatrice Varley Good Time Girl
1948 Flora Robson Good Time Girl
1948 Bonar Colleano Good Time Girl
1948 Herbert Lom Good Time Girl
1945 Eliot Makeham Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Patricia Roc Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 John Stuart Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Jean Kent Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Phyllis Calvert Madonna of the Seven Moons
1945 Stewart Granger Madonna of the Seven Moons
1942 Ben Williams Uncensored
1942 Allan Jeayes Uncensored
1942 Johnnie Schofield Uncensored
1942 Eric Portman Uncensored
1942 Carl Jaffe Uncensored
1942 Felix Aylmer Uncensored
1942 Eliot Makeham Uncensored
1942 Anthony Holles Uncensored
1942 Phyllis Calvert Uncensored
1940 Dame May Whitty Return to Yesterday
1940 Wally Patch Return to Yesterday
1940 O.B. Clarence Return to Yesterday
1940 Clive Brook Return to Yesterday
1940 Anna Lee Return to Yesterday
1940 Kynaston Reeves Two for Danger
1940 Cecil Parker Two for Danger
1940 Greta Gynt Two for Danger
1940 Gordon McLeod Two for Danger
1940 Gus McNaughton Two for Danger
1939 Clifford Evans His Brother's Keeper
1939 Una O'Connor His Brother's Keeper
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