Peter Duchin
Date of Birth
Jul 28, 1937
Birth Place:
New York, NY


Bandleader and pianist Peter Duchin (the son of pianist Eddy Duchin) magnetized fans as varied as Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Kim Novak while evincing profound diversity in the music he covered. A society figure to end all, Duchin grew up in the lap of luxury (as the adoptive son of the governor of New York) and later married actress Brooke Hayward. Cinematically, his appearances consist mostly of bit parts as a bandleader or musician -- as in the 1964 World of Henry Orient and the 1988 Fresh Horses and Working Girl. He also participated as an interviewee in the 2006 documentary Toots, about the life and times of famed New York bartender Toots Shor. ~ Nathan Southern, Rovi

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