Peter Berg
Date of Birth
Mar 11, 1964
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Tadanobu Asano Battleship
2012 Liam Neeson Battleship
2012 Peter MacNicol Battleship
2007 Meryl Streep Lions for Lambs
2007 Tom Cruise Lions for Lambs
2007 Robert Redford Lions for Lambs
2007 Ray Liotta Smokin' Aces
2007 Ben Affleck Smokin' Aces
2007 Andy Garcia Smokin' Aces
2007 Alex Rocco Smokin' Aces
2004 Jada Pinkett Smith Collateral
2004 Tom Cruise Collateral
2004 Mark Ruffalo Collateral
2004 Javier Bardem Collateral
2004 Jamie Foxx Collateral
2004 Irma P. Hall Collateral
2002 Patricia Wettig Alias: Masquerade
2002 Patricia Wettig Alias: Snowman
2001 Chris Penn Corky Romano
2001 Peter Falk Corky Romano
2001 Fred Ward Corky Romano
2001 Richard Roundtree Corky Romano
1999 Henry Winkler Dill Scallion
1999 Lauren Graham Dill Scallion
1997 Cathy Moriarty Cop Land
1997 Robert De Niro Cop Land
1997 Harvey Keitel Cop Land
1997 Ray Liotta Cop Land
1997 Michael Rapaport Cop Land
1997 Sylvester Stallone Cop Land
1997 Janeane Garofalo Cop Land
1997 Annabella Sciorra Cop Land
1997 Frank Vincent Cop Land
1996 Halle Berry Girl 6
1996 Richard Belzer Girl 6
1996 Spike Lee Girl 6
1996 Madonna Girl 6
1996 Quentin Tarantino Girl 6
1996 John Turturro Girl 6
1996 Michael Imperioli Girl 6
1996 Ron Silver Girl 6
1996 John Cameron Mitchell Girl 6
1996 Lamont Johnson The Great White Hype
1996 Cheech Marin The Great White Hype
1996 John Rhys-Davies The Great White Hype
1996 Jon Lovitz The Great White Hype
1996 Samuel L. Jackson The Great White Hype
1996 Corbin Bernsen The Great White Hype
1996 Damon Wayans The Great White Hype
1996 Jeff Goldblum The Great White Hype
1996 Jamie Foxx The Great White Hype
1994 Jack Nance Across the Moon
1994 Elizabeth Peña Across the Moon
1994 Christina Applegate Across the Moon
1994 Burgess Meredith Across the Moon
1994 Michael McKean Across the Moon
1994 Mickey Rourke F.T.W.
1994 Brion James F.T.W.
1994 Lori Singer F.T.W.
1994 Bill Pullman The Last Seduction
1994 Linda Fiorentino The Last Seduction
1994 J.T. Walsh The Last Seduction
1994 Carrie Snodgress Rise & Walk: The Dennis Byrd Story
1994 Lisa Zane Unveiled
1993 William Russ Aspen Extreme
1993 Samantha Eggar A Case for Murder
1993 Jennifer Grey A Case for Murder
1993 Eugene Roche A Case for Murder
1993 Robert DoQui A Case for Murder
1993 Noble Willingham Fire in the Sky
1993 Henry Thomas Fire in the Sky
1993 James Garner Fire in the Sky
1993 D.B. Sweeney Fire in the Sky
1992 Ethan Hawke A Midnight Clear
1992 Kevin Dillon A Midnight Clear
1992 John C. McGinley A Midnight Clear
1992 Gary Sinise A Midnight Clear
1992 Frank Whaley A Midnight Clear
1992 Arye Gross A Midnight Clear
1991 Peter Coyote Crooked Hearts
1991 Marg Helgenberger Crooked Hearts
1991 Vincent D'Onofrio Crooked Hearts
1991 Jennifer Jason Leigh Crooked Hearts
1991 Juliette Lewis Crooked Hearts
1991 Janeane Garofalo Late for Dinner
1991 Peter Gallagher Late for Dinner
1991 Marcia Gay Harden Late for Dinner
1989 Terence Stamp Genuine Risk
1989 Michelle Johnson Genuine Risk
1989 Max Perlich Genuine Risk
1989 Billy Zane Going Overboard
1989 Burt Young Going Overboard
1989 Adam Sandler Going Overboard
1989 Billy Bob Thornton Going Overboard
1989 Lisa Zane The Heart of Dixie
1989 Phoebe Cates The Heart of Dixie
1989 Virginia Madsen The Heart of Dixie
1989 Treat Williams The Heart of Dixie
1989 Barbara Babcock The Heart of Dixie
1989 Kurtwood Smith The Heart of Dixie
1989 Ally Sheedy The Heart of Dixie
1989 Anthony Edwards Miracle Mile
1989 Raphael Sbarge Miracle Mile
1989 Mykelti Williamson Miracle Mile
1989 Mare Winningham Miracle Mile
1989 Denise Crosby Miracle Mile
1989 Robert DoQui Miracle Mile
1989 Lane Smith Race for Glory
1989 Burt Kwouk Race for Glory
1989 Ray Wise Race for Glory
1989 Dr. Timothy Leary Shocker
1989 Wes Craven Shocker
1989 Sidney Lassick Tale of Two Sisters
1989 Charlie Sheen Tale of Two Sisters
1988 Cary Elwes Never on Tuesday
1988 Gilbert Gottfried Never on Tuesday
1988 Emilio Estevez Never on Tuesday
1988 Nicolas Cage Never on Tuesday
1988 Judd Nelson Never on Tuesday
1988 Charlie Sheen Never on Tuesday
1988 Stephen Dorff Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story
1988 Noble Willingham Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story
1988 Michael Nouri Quiet Victory: The Charlie Wedemeyer Story
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