Perry Lopez
Date of Birth
Jul 22, 1931
Birth Place:
New York City, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
1990 Rubén Blades The Two Jakes
1990 Tracey Walter The Two Jakes
1990 Eli Wallach The Two Jakes
1990 Tom Waits The Two Jakes
1990 Jack Nicholson The Two Jakes
1990 David Keith The Two Jakes
1990 Frederic Forrest The Two Jakes
1990 Richard Farnsworth The Two Jakes
1990 Faye Dunaway The Two Jakes
1990 Meg Tilly The Two Jakes
1990 Madeleine Stowe The Two Jakes
1990 Harvey Keitel The Two Jakes
1989 Charles Bronson Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects
1989 Alex Hyde-White Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects
1988 Vanity Action Jackson
1988 Carl Weathers Action Jackson
1988 Sharon Stone Action Jackson
1988 Bill Duke Action Jackson
1988 Robert Davi Action Jackson
1988 Craig T. Nelson Action Jackson
1987 Charles Bronson Death Wish 4: The Crackdown
1974 Roy Roberts Chinatown
1974 Burt Young Chinatown
1974 Roman Polanski Chinatown
1974 John Huston Chinatown
1974 Jack Nicholson Chinatown
1974 Noble Willingham Chinatown
1974 Diane Ladd Chinatown
1974 Faye Dunaway Chinatown
1974 Bruce Glover Chinatown
1974 John Holland Chinatown
1974 John Hillerman Chinatown
1973 Patrick Magee Lady Ice
1973 Eric Braeden Lady Ice
1973 Donald Sutherland Lady Ice
1973 Robert Duvall Lady Ice
1973 Jennifer O'Neill Lady Ice
1970 Don Rickles Kelly's Heroes
1970 Harry Dean Stanton Kelly's Heroes
1970 Telly Savalas Kelly's Heroes
1970 Clint Eastwood Kelly's Heroes
1970 Carroll O'Connor Kelly's Heroes
1970 Gavin MacLeod Kelly's Heroes
1970 Donald Sutherland Kelly's Heroes
1970 Boyd "Red" Morgan Kelly's Heroes
1969 Robert Loggia Che!
1969 Adolph Caesar Che!
1969 Cesare Danova Che!
1969 Woody Strode Che!
1969 Omar Sharif Che!
1969 Frank Silvera Che!
1969 Jack Palance Che!
1968 James Stewart Bandolero!
1968 George Kennedy Bandolero!
1968 John Mitchum Bandolero!
1968 Dub Taylor Bandolero!
1968 Dean Martin Bandolero!
1968 Denver Pyle Bandolero!
1968 Raquel Welch Bandolero!
1968 Jock Mahoney Bandolero!
1968 Roy Barcroft Bandolero!
1968 Harry Carey, Jr. Bandolero!
1968 Don "Red" Barry Bandolero!
1968 Michael Ansara Daring Game
1968 Lloyd Bridges Daring Game
1968 Brock Peters Daring Game
1968 Stella Stevens Sol Madrid
1968 Telly Savalas Sol Madrid
1968 Rip Torn Sol Madrid
1968 Ricardo Montalban Sol Madrid
1968 Paul Lukas Sol Madrid
1968 Pat Hingle Sol Madrid
1968 David McCallum Sol Madrid
1968 Michael Ansara Sol Madrid
1966 Harry Carey, Jr. The Rare Breed
1966 Ted Mapes The Rare Breed
1966 Jack Elam The Rare Breed
1966 David Brian The Rare Breed
1966 Juliet Mills The Rare Breed
1966 James Stewart The Rare Breed
1966 Maureen O'Hara The Rare Breed
1966 Brian Keith The Rare Breed
1966 Ben Johnson The Rare Breed
1963 Ray Teal Bonanza: The Last Haircut
1963 Lorne Greene Bonanza: The Last Haircut
1963 John Harmon Bonanza: The Last Haircut
1963 Michael Landon Bonanza: The Last Haircut
1963 Chill Wills McLintock!
1963 Michael Pate McLintock!
1963 John Wayne McLintock!
1963 Bob Steele McLintock!
1963 Hal Needham McLintock!
1963 Hank Worden McLintock!
1963 Chuck Roberson McLintock!
1963 Edgar Buchanan McLintock!
1963 Bruce Cabot McLintock!
1963 Yvonne De Carlo McLintock!
1963 Mari Blanchard McLintock!
1963 Gordon Jones McLintock!
1963 Jack Kruschen McLintock!
1963 Strother Martin McLintock!
1963 Maureen O'Hara McLintock!
1962 Richard Rust Taras Bulba
1962 George Macready Taras Bulba
1962 Yul Brynner Taras Bulba
1962 Tony Curtis Taras Bulba
1962 Sam Wanamaker Taras Bulba
1962 Vladimir Sokoloff Taras Bulba
1961 Mike Kellin Have Gun, Will Travel: The Siege
1961 David Janssen Man-Trap
1961 Stella Stevens Man-Trap
1961 Jeffrey Hunter Man-Trap
1961 Virginia Gregg Man-Trap
1960 John McIntire Flaming Star
1960 Virginia Christine Flaming Star
1960 Dolores Del Rio Flaming Star
1960 Richard Jaeckel Flaming Star
1960 Elvis Presley Flaming Star
1960 L.Q. Jones Flaming Star
1960 Karl Swenson Flaming Star
1959 Joseph Calleia Cry Tough
1958 Percy Helton Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Disappearing Trick
1958 Raymond Bailey Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Disappearing Trick
1958 Robert Horton Alfred Hitchcock Presents: The Disappearing Trick
1958 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. The Deep Six
1958 Keenan Wynn The Deep Six
1958 Alan Ladd The Deep Six
1958 Jeanette Nolan The Deep Six
1958 Warren Douglas The Deep Six
1958 Walter Reed The Deep Six
1958 Ann Doran The Deep Six
1958 Richard Crane The Deep Six
1958 Joey Bishop The Deep Six
1958 William Bendix The Deep Six
1958 James Whitmore The Deep Six
1958 Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. Violent Road
1958 Dick Foran Violent Road
1958 Ann Doran Violent Road
1958 Brian Keith Violent Road
1958 Joanna Barnes Violent Road
1957 Raymond Massey Omar Khayyam
1957 Maggie Hayes Omar Khayyam
1957 Sebastian Cabot Omar Khayyam
1957 Henry Brandon Omar Khayyam
1957 Cornel Wilde Omar Khayyam
1957 Edward Platt Omar Khayyam
1957 Michael Rennie Omar Khayyam
1957 Dale Van Sickel Omar Khayyam
1957 Debra Paget Omar Khayyam
1956 Clayton Moore The Lone Ranger
1956 Charles Meredith The Lone Ranger
1956 Bonita Granville The Lone Ranger
1956 Mickey Simpson The Lone Ranger
1956 Jay Silverheels The Lone Ranger
1956 Frank de Kova The Lone Ranger
1956 Michael Ansara The Lone Ranger
1956 Kenneth Tobey The Steel Jungle
1956 Dennis Hopper The Steel Jungle
1956 Bob Steele The Steel Jungle
1956 Edward Platt The Steel Jungle
1956 Jack Kruschen The Steel Jungle
1956 Allison Hayes The Steel Jungle
1956 Lyle Latell The Steel Jungle
1956 Ted de Corsia The Steel Jungle
1956 Fred Graham The Steel Jungle
1956 Beverly Garland The Steel Jungle
1956 Russ Tamblyn The Young Guns
1956 Rayford Barnes The Young Guns
1955 Tab Hunter Battle Cry
1955 Fess Parker Battle Cry
1955 L.Q. Jones Battle Cry
1955 Dorothy Malone Battle Cry
1955 Rhys Williams Battle Cry
1955 James Whitmore Battle Cry
1955 Allyn Ann McLerie Battle Cry
1955 Nancy Olson Battle Cry
1955 Van Heflin Battle Cry
1955 Mona Freeman Battle Cry
1955 Aldo Ray Battle Cry
1955 Anne Francis Battle Cry
1955 Raymond Massey Battle Cry
1955 Mae Marsh Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Paul Stewart Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Fay Wray Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Alan Ladd Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Anthony Caruso Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Edward G. Robinson Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 William Demarest Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Rod Taylor Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Joanne Dru Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Jayne Mansfield Hell on Frisco Bay
1955 Lee Marvin I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Lon Chaney, Jr. I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Mae Clarke I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Nick Adams I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Dub Taylor I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Gil Perkins I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Herb Vigran I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Mickey Simpson I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Jack Palance I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Earl Holliman I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Shelley Winters I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Dennis Hopper I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Howard St. John I Died a Thousand Times
1955 Edward Platt The McConnell Story
1955 June Allyson The McConnell Story
1955 Frank Faylen The McConnell Story
1955 James Whitmore The McConnell Story
1955 Alan Ladd The McConnell Story
1955 Nick Adams Mister Roberts
1955 James Cagney Mister Roberts
1955 Ward Bond Mister Roberts
1955 Philip Carey Mister Roberts
1955 Harry Carey, Jr. Mister Roberts
1955 Jack Lemmon Mister Roberts
1955 William Powell Mister Roberts
1955 Ken Curtis Mister Roberts
1955 Betsy Palmer Mister Roberts
1955 Henry Fonda Mister Roberts
1955 James Flavin Mister Roberts
1955 Martin Milner Mister Roberts
1954 Julie Adams Creature from the Black Lagoon
1954 Richard Carlson Creature from the Black Lagoon
1954 Antonio Moreno Creature from the Black Lagoon
1954 Strother Martin Drum Beat
1954 Hayden Rorke Drum Beat
1954 Alan Ladd Drum Beat
1954 Isabel Jewell Drum Beat
1954 Robert Keith Drum Beat
1954 Frank de Kova Drum Beat
1954 Warner Anderson Drum Beat
1954 Elisha Cook, Jr. Drum Beat
1954 Anthony Caruso Drum Beat
1954 Dan White Jubilee Trail
1954 Buddy Baer Jubilee Trail
1954 John Russell Jubilee Trail
1954 Richard Webb Jubilee Trail
1954 Jack O'Shea Jubilee Trail
1954 Pat O'Brien Jubilee Trail
1954 Forrest Tucker Jubilee Trail
1954 Glenn Strange Jubilee Trail
1954 Don Beddoe Jubilee Trail
1954 Jack Elam Jubilee Trail
1954 Joan Leslie Jubilee Trail
1954 Ray Middleton Jubilee Trail
1954 Vera Miles Jubilee Trail
1954 Barton MacLane Jubilee Trail
1954 Don Haggerty Jubilee Trail
1954 Joe Dominguez Jubilee Trail
1954 John Holland Jubilee Trail
1954 Buzz Henry Jubilee Trail
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