Perkins' 14 Synopsis
Robert Perkins builds an army of 14 people to protect him from his parents' killers.

Movie Reviews


By hybriddrummer
great film, well acted, scary, dark, disturbing, good story. definately the best of the Horrorfest films by far...

Saw This, It Was GREAT!

By Ethel_Mertz
Too bad more people haven't seen this movie yet, but choose to rate it anyways. I did see it, and this movie is really quite a unique and original horror flick. It has something for everyone. ...


By GeekyCutie
I completely enjoyed this movie. It was well acted and had some very good plot twist. The ending was good also. The plot was intersting and the characters were put in plausible situations. And there...

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Rated R | For graphic bloody violence, terror, language and some sexuality