Stunning Visuals and an Original Plot

By Donald2046
Written January 16, 2007
The directors attention to detail coupled with the performances given by Ben Whishaw and Alan Rickman give this film a definate edge. It's a thriller film presented in the form of a somewhat whimsical storybook tale. Althouh graphic scenes are present they are not your typical horror shots. This film captivates your eyes more so than your mind. Fun to look at and a moving story that gives much needed attention to the often overlooked importance of the olfactory senses in relation to the motives behind human emotions and actions.
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The Scent of Murder ...

By jc smith
Written January 17, 2007
Perfume: The Story of a Murderer is a fascinating exploration of smell via sight, inundating the viewer with visual impressions meant to evoke something more than ... visuals. The movie enticingly embraces this throughout, with conviction. Within this obsession, murder is needed by the lead character in order for him to successfully achieve his goal: creating the perfect scent. Where it all ends up will surprise the viewer. I found a strange sort of sensuality inherent in the efforts of the director and the presentation (yes, even amidst the overabundance of grime, but more so as the movie moved away from that). Unique, and well worth checking out! JCS
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Extremely Weird

By cjtolmie
Written January 12, 2008
But also entertaining. I high recommend.
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Definitely In My Top 3 Worst Movies of All Time

By dbasset1
Written January 16, 2007
All of my friends and I agree that this is one of the most terrible movies on this planet rivaling Mars Attacks. The opening scene is enough to make most sick. Although the story had an interesting plot the end left you wondering why the heck the producer bothered spending all that money when he could have made a porno for less and have had more of a plot. I don't know why this was rated R--it should have been NC-17. If you have children, protect their minds and don't take them to this movie. You'll save their future by the prevention of possible psychological trauma from seening this film.
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Good Movie

By bigrob919
Written January 23, 2007
The movie was well worth watching and hopefully will get a wider release.
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