A PERFECT GETAWAY - Go See It! Rating:83 out of 100. (Based on advance VIP press preview)

Written August 05, 2009
This thrilling 98-minute movie started off slow but then increased its pace rapidly and very quickly sucked me in and held me raptly as I absorbed the myriad of red herrings thrown my way by skillful director/screenwriter David N. Twohy. Just when I thought I had the plot/story-line figured out, WHAM!, all my suppositions flew out the window. I LOVE the unexpected twists in this well-produced movie! Above-average performances by the ENTIRE(good-looking) cast. Even though A PERFECT GETAWAY is an action-thriller, the movie has enough humor embedded in its multiple foreshadowing scenes/lines that was genuinely funny - made the audience feel like everyone was in on the joke. I can't wait to see the totally unrecognizable Chris Hemsworth(Star Trek) in the upcoming THOR movie. VERDICT: Get away from trash like Bruno, Paper Heart and The Ugly Truth, and go to A PERFECT GETAWAY!!! R-rated for violence, partial nudity, and scenes of drugs/drug-use. Actual GRADE: Solid B
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Finally, good writing + action

By coarr
Written August 07, 2009
I hadn't read any reviews when I got dragged to this thing, which sounded like just another lame slasher movie. Somehow I've gotten used to really crappy commodity films. This is not one of them. It's clever, it's entertaining, and it's filled with surprises.
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written January 15, 2010
Twist makes it rentable movie
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“A PERFECT GETAWAY” – When you’re honeymooning, best to Avoid the ‘RED SNAPPERS’ = Rating: 8 of 10 stars (based upon an advance screening).

By jimchudnow
Written July 30, 2009
Hawaii’s a great place to honeymoon— if you’re around the “RIGHT people”. As the film begins, Screenwriter Cliff (STEVE ZAHN) is in the islands with his girl Cydney (MILLIE JOVAVICH). But, it seems the newspaper has reported the murders of a honeymooning couple by some mysterious guy & gal, making people very “wary” of OTHER people around them. Thus, when they’re hiking & meet couple Kale (tattooed & hostile CHRIS HEMSWORTH) & his flaky gal Cleo (MARLEY SHELTON), people are all very “ill-at-ease”. That’s the same case & “amplified” when ex-vet Nick (TIMOTHY OLYPHANT) & his woman Gina (KIELE SANCHEZ) suddenly pop-up. So, as people travel around the island, tension builds more & more between various individuals because of the “RED SNAPPERS” raised by the writer. Actually, the movie is well constructed & fascinating, with good performances by all involved (particularly Zahn who usually tends to do comic rather than serious roles). It’s not “perfect”, but you should Get Away & SEE this.
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A Perfect Getaway wasn't a perfect movie

By thesilentcat4
Written August 12, 2009
A Perfect Getaway was so stereotypical in its character choosing. You had the newly-wed "innocent" people, the very nasty killer looking people, and the sorta crazy-yet sorta cool and protective people. And thats all the movie brings to the table, and one reason why it wasn't really a good movie was because they took one of those groups out WAY to early(they were arrested), and we never saw a reappearance of them again. So just imagine two couples walking in a forest and trying to figure out who is the murderer, its not too exciting. The acting is pretty well done in this, yet it doesn't make up for the pretty thin story they made this to be. They say it has a "twist" at the end...well all I can say is that yeah theres a twist, but I sure as hell saw it coming a while before it came up. I was really disappointed with A Perfect Getaway because I thought maybe it wouldn't be too bad, but it just was. SO-SO MOVIE, maybe go see it
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