Percy Jackson Double Feature Synopsis
Regal Crown Club / Percy Jackson Exclusive on Aug 6th. See Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief at 6:30 and be the first to watch Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters at 9:00.

Movie Reviews

Entertaining, but nothing special.

By xtinem
This film was entertaining, had good special effects, but was only average. As basically a Harry Potter knock off, you know what you're gonna get - some cute one-liners, magic, monsters. But it's...

PJ & The Sea of Monsters

By shandisbemanian
Wasn't a big fan of the movie. It completely strayed away from the book. Poor choices in leads, aside from Percy, and a few of the actors had been replaced. As a huge Percy Jackson fan I must admit I...

Loved the books and enjoyed the first movie

By Ehlersacm
Some cool casting choices (Fillon, Tucci, etc) and moments, but generally lame adaptation, particularly the final confrontation....

Great movie

By bwrepath
One of the best gods movies I have ever seen i hope they start to make a 3rd on Titans Curse!!...

Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters

By Fireball6571
My son & I loved it!!...

By jsr928
it was great I loved it im a bigger fan now than I was befire...

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Rated PG | For Fantasy action violence, some scary images and mild language.