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Movie v.s. Book

By kkilzer
Written August 11, 2013
It was really good, I loved it. Although, it missed half the book. My favorite part of the book was when the Sirens, or the mermaids, were singing about Annabeth's fatal flaw, and Annabeth got out, she was almost killed. The movie completely cut that out , along with most of the adventure part on the Sea of Monsters. They also cut off the part about the Amazons. They did a really great job with Clarisse's character, just like the book. I loved Grover's costume, when he dressed up as the girl cyclops. Tyson wasn't as little-kiddish as I thought but the part where he was playing with his fingers was cute. In the movie Kronos was rose, but in the book he didn't. In the movie Percy was at school with Tyson and Grover had been kidnapped. In the movie they were at camp. But They did a good job of making the rest afterward connect. The ending was really good though, you know they are making The Titian's Curse. Over all it was a really good movie, not as good as the book. I would see it again
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Written August 16, 2013
my daughter and I went to see it together she is 13 and we laughed, cried, yelled out go percy at the appropriate time and just totally enjoyed the movie was just as good at the first one and did justice to the books for sure!
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Decent flick

By Movie_Buff_86
Written September 02, 2013
This movie is a good flick top watch if you are trying to spend some hours away from your stressful lives and to just get away for a bit. It was not anything special, and I thought it was going to be better, but it was worth the ticket price. It was so-so in my book. It will be perfect for teenagers who love Harry Potter and even for some adults. There are worse movies you can see during the afternoon.
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Great Movie (on its own)

By sweetgea22
Written August 08, 2013
If you are going to see this movie and you are expecting it to be parallel with the book: Don't go. However I read the book and still LOVED this movie. It made me laugh and once or twice it even made me tear up. CGI was pretty good. Logan Lerman does an outstanding job as Percy! So as a movie I give it a 9. As a movie based off a book I give it a 3 for following the story line.
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Percy Jackson Is a Must See!

By rrrenteria2010
Written September 17, 2013
Although it didn't quite stick to the book, its definitely a must see! The special effects were pretty amazing. I expected to see longer fighting scenes (based on the book). It is very hard to see a motion picture that actually sticks to the written word but I recommend it to anyone who likes action, suspense, mythical creatures and comedy. :D
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