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Delivers what it promises

By shoujiki5
Written September 03, 2013
Not a bad movie for a young demographic (0-18). I took my kids. However, the AMC in Brandon concession stand was UNDERSTAFFED and OUT OF ICE?! I saw many "managers" standing around by the new bar, aloof of the issue as I walked to a second concession stand to get ice and a refill. Work on it!
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Loved It

By foreverchd
Written August 19, 2013
This movie was surprisingly good and very well directed. I did not read the book so i can not comment on the missing elements but overall my daughter and I liked it. It inspired her to read the next book.
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Percy Jackson " Sea of Monsters"

By lindagenia07
Written August 19, 2013
Me encanto la pelicula , la verdad tiene mucho de Mitologia y fantacia pero a mi criterio la pelicula esta bien echa y desde que empieza la pelicula hasta el final te atrapa y te deja con ganas de seguir sumergido en ella !! EXCELENTE !!!
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...entertaining...but not "book" accurate!

By Mjs13
Written August 07, 2013
.....after the artistic liberties taken during the first Percy Jackson movie, there should be no surprises that the second one would follow down the same path. At least annabelle finally has the right hair & eye color. Definitely entertaining, excellent movie for teens, and worth watching once. If you're a riordan fan....check your expectations at the door and watch with an open'll enjoy the movie more!
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It's okay

By maydayqueen92
Written February 04, 2014
Compared to the first movie, it's good although I wish they kept some of the actors/actresses that were in the first one. Compared to the book, they could've done better but hey the book is usually better than the movie anyways! Overall, it was an okay move and I can't see myself watching it again unless the next book comes out in movie format and I want to brush up on the previous movie beforehand.
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