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Love the series

By EricaJ1178
Written October 01, 2014
I loved The Lightning Thief and didn't read the books until after I saw that movie. I love the books and Sea of Monsters did not disappoint. It was a little slow in the beginning but picked up well. I know they usually have to cut some out when they make a movie out of a book but I wish they didn't. I was looking forward to Percy being turned into a rodent. :) Other than that, I loved it and I look forward to the next ...
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...entertaining...but not "book" accurate!

By Mjs13
Written May 27, 2015
.....after the artistic liberties taken during the first Percy Jackson movie, there should be no surprises that the second one would follow down the same path. At least annabelle finally has the right hair & eye color. Definitely entertaining, excellent movie for teens, and worth watching once. If you're a riordan fan....check your expectations at the door and watch with an open'll enjoy the movie more!
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Percy Jackson

By abragonje
Written December 29, 2014
I took my son and four of his friends to the movie. It was clean and there were a couple of places were they attempted to be funny. The animation was incredible, but it seemed like some of the boys were a bit disappointed. They thought they left some important details out from the books and changed the plot a bit. I thought it was enjoyable though.
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Movie v.s. Book

By kkilzer
Written May 25, 2015
It was really good, I loved it. Although, it missed half the book. My favorite part of the book was when the Sirens, or the mermaids, were singing about Annabeth's fatal flaw, and Annabeth got out, she was almost killed. The movie completely cut that out , along with most of the adventure part on the Sea of Monsters. They also cut off the part about the Amazons. They did a really great job with Clarisse's character, just like the book. I loved Grover's costume, when he dressed up as the girl cyclops. Tyson wasn't as little-kiddish as I thought but the part where he was playing with his fingers was cute. In the movie Kronos was rose, but in the book he didn't. In the movie Percy was at school with Tyson and Grover had been kidnapped. In the movie they were at camp. But They did a good job of making the rest afterward connect. The ending was really good though, you know they are making The Titian's Curse. Over all it was a really good movie, not as good as the book. I would see it again
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Good movie.

By dcrume
Written January 29, 2015
My 14 year old son was completely into the movie. There is just the right amount of darkness without being threatening. The animated characters were creative and not too realistic. The story line at the camp was annoying. I realized it reflects a lot of egos, but no leadership was present to direct the energy. I realize that the movie is from a book series that has already been written. That is why a little less time developing the annoy camp would have been nice. It will not stop us from seeing the next movie. I am not sure if we will add this movie to our movie library.
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