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By thedoctor777
Written February 07, 2016
I loved the special effect and CGI in this film. The set designs and cinematography were very good. This is a film for kids at the age of seven and above. There are some scary parents that may not be acceptable for children younger that that age. I wasn't too filmier with this cast. They did a good job; but no-one stood out or gave an over the top performance. The director did a good job of keeping the storyline moving along at an acceptable pace. There were a couple of screens that I felt were just for fill and to take up time and had no real purpose to enhance the script. All in all it was rather entertaining and if you have nothing to do on an afternoon then go and give it a watch.
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Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

By AZDarkblade
Written November 23, 2014
Well done. Their creatures and costume makeup were really amazing, some of the best I've seen. The story was a good one, the action not too overboard as some get. The acting was professional and interesting. My daughter thought the Kronos scenes not well developed and somewhat disappointing. I would have to admit I agree - re-instilling life into an immortal would seem to have led to the release of much more power and vengeance. And subsequently, much more difficulty involved in terminating that power, just saying.
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Percy Jackson 2

By teachermom06
Written August 29, 2015
Saw Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters for the first time, and it was a very well made movie! The actors were very well chosen, and they acted very well. The creativity in this movie was a bit different, but it made it more interesting. It was intense and pulled the watcher into a world full of half-bloods and monsters, as though you were there with the characters and felt all the same emotions and the rush of excitement when a monster came along. :) I've read all the books, and it was pretty accurate except for a scene or two. It was fantastic, and I hope more people will enjoy it as I have! I hope the rest of the movies are as brilliant (and more so) as this one is! There is no inappropriate content, and I think all the stuff they put into this movie was necessary, and made it worthwhile!
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Hairy, Scary, Not One Fairy!

By LLStrickland
Written December 25, 2014
We took 3 boys, ages 9-12. Big fun, and age-appropriate! The trailer ads were geared towards a much younger audience (think 3+), so one would think they're about to see lighter fare. But due to a few somewhat scary scenes (a Cyclops that died twice but came back to life each time, some half-bloods thrown to and fro, and a giant demon-like creature) Percy: Sea is more appropriate for 8+. Percy: Sea's level of intensity and CG effects are on par with the 'first' Harry Potter, so rather enjoyable for kids and parents alike. I'd rate this as being worthy of a Matinee. Not 'OMG' enough for a $75 night out. It's PG rating is well-fitted.
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Movie v.s. Book

By kkilzer
Written August 03, 2015
It was really good, I loved it. Although, it missed half the book. My favorite part of the book was when the Sirens, or the mermaids, were singing about Annabeth's fatal flaw, and Annabeth got out, she was almost killed. The movie completely cut that out , along with most of the adventure part on the Sea of Monsters. They also cut off the part about the Amazons. They did a really great job with Clarisse's character, just like the book. I loved Grover's costume, when he dressed up as the girl cyclops. Tyson wasn't as little-kiddish as I thought but the part where he was playing with his fingers was cute. In the movie Kronos was rose, but in the book he didn't. In the movie Percy was at school with Tyson and Grover had been kidnapped. In the movie they were at camp. But They did a good job of making the rest afterward connect. The ending was really good though, you know they are making The Titian's Curse. Over all it was a really good movie, not as good as the book. I would see it again
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