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Not Bad, but Not Great

By richardlrice
Written September 23, 2013
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters has amazing special effects; but also a few very poor attempts at humor, an absolutely idiotic scene in a taxicab, and the magic Disneyland to a ladybug. Much of the first half of the movie could be slept through without missing too much of the story line ... which I had already figured out within the first 10 minutes of the film. What made this movie less than the first one? I'm not sure I can pin it down, but maybe it was the lack of real feeling in the characters. They seemed to be actors playing parts rather than people whose lives I was eagerly peeking over the fence to watch. A movie goer wants to see into the hearts and minds of the characters differently that the people we see each day at Starbucks or riding the city bus. These were only people going through life. Yes, the characters in Sea of Monsters were battling some really cool computer generated creatures, but otherwise, the characters were just characters on a big screen.
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Enjoyable, Entertaining PJ

By WolvieMovie
Written July 01, 2016
Nice storyline continuity between the PJ Lightning Thief and this movie. Very entertaining and fun to watch. This one is better than the Lightning Thief. Although, cheessy / corny CGI on some scene and also cool scenes on some. Percy Jackson is the American version of Harry Potter with 6/7 books. A must see for PJ fans.
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Great movie!

By EddysGal
Written July 31, 2016
I took my daughter who is a big fan of this series, she was worried, the "powers that be" might have made some unforgivable changes to the story line, but she was very happy with the way the movie turned out. I read the first book and have seen the first movie and found this movie to be very entertaining. I'd definitely go. We'll be getting the DVD.
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By uss_sarah
Written July 28, 2015
If you already read the books that are basis for these movies, save yourself ten bucks and stick to the idea that these movies could ever be as good as the books. Fortunately, the first Percy Jackson movie wasn't that bad, despite missing some key things, the movie created a stable foundation for the hope that the next movie to come would be even better. However, Sea of Monsters fell tragically short of my expectations. Granted, I have read the books and most of them are 300 pages or longer and to hope that every detail would be in the movie is asking a lot. But when the directors and screenplay writers cut some of THE MOST IMPOTANT DETAILS IN THE ENTIRE BOOK, it's absolutely ridiculous. Besides, even though the special effects and cinematography were alright, the acting lagged in some places. Finally, to make the movie more appealing to all ages the directors decided to make Percy older by four years which you can take either way, but again it changes around a lot of details.
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By kaiellocoppola95
Written August 09, 2013
I went to go see it with the hope that it would make up for the murder of the first movie, but was greatly disappointed. I went with my friend who had not read the book, and she thought it was really good, so if you haven't read the book series, go right ahead and see it, but if you have read the book series, I would recommend re reading the books instead, or make your own version of the movie. If you go see this movie, you will be sitting in the movie theater wanting to yell so loudly on how badly the screen writer and the director screw this movie up, buy once again changing major points in the storyline.
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