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By widener55
Written May 26, 2016
It was pretty funny! I liked it. I did not know what It was going to be all about.. but took the grandson. Was glad I did!
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Fun Movie!

By Mapachito321
Written September 02, 2014
This was a fun movie to see. It had a good underlying message to not judge others by outward appearances too. Definitely a good movie choice!
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Sea of Monsters

By Arosucks
Written January 31, 2015
Visually exciting...if you hadn't read the books. But silly. It took the remaining four Percy Jackson and the Olympians books, threw out a lot of plot line and compressed it into one movie...with strange elements. I saw the first movie and used that to justify reading the books. So now I know how poorly the producers have degraded the film project.
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great sequel

By cindygee
Written May 30, 2016
Like the first movie (the Lighning Thief), this one took quite a few liberties with the original book, but i don't think the story suffered at all for it. While I loved Pierce Brosnan as Chiron, I think Anthony Stewart Head's portrayal is closer to his character in the books. Stanley Tucci is great as Mr D! Not sure about the casting for Clarisse and Tyson-they're both too attractive for their characters, if you're looking for faithfulness to the books, but I think they work in the context of the movie taken as an independent work. The special effects were great, especially the hippocampus and Colchis bull. All in all, well worth seeing for fans of the series. I just hope they can get the rest done before the cast gets too old!
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We Loved it!

By Julicomp
Written July 24, 2016
My 13 yr. old and 10 yr. old grandkids and my husband and I all thought it was great! Wonderful for kids and adults alike. But like it was said before, this is a movie not a book. You will be delighted by this wonderful movie with great effects and its good CLEAN fun for the whole family for a great change. I was not disappointed at all and we all had smiles on our faces when we left!
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