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Love the series

By EricaJ1178
Written August 26, 2014
I loved The Lightning Thief and didn't read the books until after I saw that movie. I love the books and Sea of Monsters did not disappoint. It was a little slow in the beginning but picked up well. I know they usually have to cut some out when they make a movie out of a book but I wish they didn't. I was looking forward to Percy being turned into a rodent. :) Other than that, I loved it and I look forward to the next ...
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Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters is Great

By kbrandeau
Written July 28, 2014
Forget following the books, I gave up in the first movie trying to hold the series to the books, there were too many major deviations from the book. As a stand alone movie, Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters is just plain fun and entertaining with lots of action, great summer fare. Bring the kids and grab some popcorn with m & ms and enjoy it!
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It's okay

By maydayqueen92
Written August 02, 2014
Compared to the first movie, it's good although I wish they kept some of the actors/actresses that were in the first one. Compared to the book, they could've done better but hey the book is usually better than the movie anyways! Overall, it was an okay move and I can't see myself watching it again unless the next book comes out in movie format and I want to brush up on the previous movie beforehand.
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By Gandalf_the_White
Written September 01, 2013
This movie is not great but it is entertaining and worth seeing. The special effects are top notch and the acting adequate. As usual, the book was much better.
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Great movie

By streder1105
Written August 29, 2013
I haven't read the books and didn't have any expectations before seeing the movie. My 7 year old son, however, is a big fan, so I took him. He said this was the best movie he's ever seen, and we're going to see it a second time today. I enjoyed the movie - great special effects and fun character portrayals. My son loved the battle on the yacht scene. My son is on the third book, The Titan's curse, and can't wait for that movie to come out. I would say anyone who likes action adventure films would find it enjoyable.
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