Loved it !!!

By Freebird1965
Written July 30, 2016
I loved this movie, and in 3-D it was excellent ! Tyson is like a big,goofy teddy bear ! As much as I adore Pierce Brosnan as Chiron in The Lightning Thief, Anthony Head was awesome as Chiron in Sea Of Monsters. I would love to see it again !
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Horrid compared to the awesome award-winning book!

By williamsvwtdi
Written September 17, 2013
It was okay for a kid movie, but for us fans of the best selling series, it was horrid! Just like The Lightning Thief! I don't know how Rick Riordan stands it, seeing his own excellent book get butchered up on the big screen! I would take it as an embarrassment, but that's me. I could count at least 22 mistakes from the movie to the book. For your own sake, I won't list them because the list would probably go on and on and on. But, if your a fan of the books, don't go!
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Empty Theater

By Corrado Biondov
Written August 27, 2016
My daughter and I were 2 of four in the whole theater. It was entertaining and kept our interest the entire time. My daughter asked if we could get the DVD when it came out.
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Great Pre-teen Movie

By Pescaderomike
Written August 15, 2013
Seeing kids grow up and become full-fledge demi-gods -working out good verses evil is a great way for young people to pick a side - hopefully to do the right thing. The movie was exciting -fighting without the gore. The teen boys and girls were friends - not romantically involved - another way to show respectful relationships. 3D was good -but not needed to enjoy the movie.
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Really good but the producer needs to stop making their own plot.

By Hkw9615
Written July 29, 2016
The movie was really good better than the first. However the producing group that produced it should not change the events of the story or major details from the books, such as Annabeth's hair!!! If you haven't read the books or haven't in a long time (like for me it's been 3 years) its a really good movies, and even if you have read them recently then you will like it too, but you may have to over look the fact that some of the foundations of the movie or details that are important for the story are changed. Defiantly for all ages, from 5 to 16 to 50.
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