A fun movie to see in 3D

By Anglgen
Written August 20, 2013
It was a bit corny but the visual effects were great. The monsters were portrayed as realistic and the story line followed a lot of mythic adventures...Even explaining them.
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Good sequel

By kleinemuis
Written October 24, 2016
Was well done. My boys thought it was better than the first - I thought it was about en par. Hopefully they'll make the other ones quicker otherwise Percy will be too grown up :). The effects were excellent - don't listen to the critics saying it was poor magic and not like Harry Potter. I loved the cyclops!!!!
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Loved It!

By Theresa727
Written August 24, 2016
It's about time it took so long to come out. Logan Lerman is one of the most underrated actors today! He is great! The effects were great done in good taste since this will attract a younger audience . Love HErmes!!! It was different from the book but alot of elements were there and the Characters were true to form. I will probably go again.
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Loved it

By craizedgamer
Written August 16, 2013
I've come to think of the movies as something completely different to the books. They got some things right to the books but if you go in expecting the books ive read alot o fail reviews based on it. The actors are amazing and i do like annabeth as a blonde. I hated they got the mythology wrong.. but other than that i give it a good review and i would see it again and i do plan on buying the dvd.
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Great way to continue the series

By Emmy6279
Written August 08, 2013
This was a really good way to continue this series. The movie was easy to follow and still contained the effects you would expect from this type of movie. The characters have grown but they're still young and are having the problems any teen would have. Waiting for the next one.
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